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The Lowest price of Kenzo Homme in Pakistan is Rs.9,310 and estimated average price is Rs.12,029.


A Japanese fashion brand that also has a wide range of fragrances, among which one finds Kenzo Homme. This is a cologne for men which also inspired a clothing line with the same name, it has multiple iterations today. The original was an aromatic cologne with strong aquatic and woody tones as well. These are the more common accords, with each version having others as well. The price is above an affordable rate.


The Kenzo brand was started by Kenzo Takada in 1970, with Kenzo Parfums being established in 1987. This is the first Japanese fashion brand to bring Japanese style elements to the international market.

Kenzo Homme

The first iteration of this line was released in 1991 and was a hit, for many years after too. People tend to describe it as the scent of a forest next to the sea. It is an aromatic and marine cologne that has a host of tones apart from these; such as wood, fresh spice, powdery and conifer.

After the success of the first cologne, Kenzo Homme, many other versions were launched such as Kenzo Homme Fresh, Kenzo Homme Boisee, Kenzo Homme Sport, Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme, Kenzo Homme Night, Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum, Kenzo Homme Fresh Eau de Parfum and Kenzo Homme Intense.

All these versions are aromatic with a marine tone to them, with Boisee, Night and Intense that have a slightly darker tone to them. Still, people mostly associate all versions of Kenzo Homme with a warmer time of the year and the daytime.

The Kenzo Homme line is great for someone who wants a masculine scent but doesn't want it to be all about the heavier tones which are very common. These colognes also make for great regular wear as they are not too overpowering due to the lighter aromatic and marine feels.

As for staying power and sillage, both those are in the moderate to the slightly stronger range.


Kenzo is generally an expensive brand, the fragrances are also a tad more expensive. The rates of the Kenzo Homme line are higher than an affordable range, but not yet in the mid-ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Kenzo Homme EDT 100ML Rs. 11,093
Kenzo Aqua Pour Homme EDT 100ML Rs. 10,360
Kenzo Aqua Pour Homme Eau De Toilette, Fragrance … Rs. 9,310
Kenzo Homme Set, EDP, 100ml + EDP 30ml, Fragrance… Rs. 16,150
Kenzo L'Eau Pour Homme, EDT, Fragrance For Men, 1… Rs. 13,300
Kenzo Homme Eau De Parfum, Fragrance For Men, 100… Rs. 10,925
Kenzo Homme Set Eau De Toilette 100ml + Eau De To… Rs. 15,675
Kenzo L'EAU Pour Homme EDT 100ML Rs. 10,360
Kenzo Homme EDP 100ML Rs. 11,093
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