Kenwood Chopper Price in Pakistan

2 results for Kenwood Chopper from 2 online stores. Kenwood Chopper price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 54,999 to Rs. 63,200

Save 2% Kenwood Premier Food Processor Kmc570 Silver
Rs. 55,999

Rs. 54,999

Kenwood Premier Food Processor Kmc570 Silver

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Kenwood KRF-480SS – CHL Copper Hairline Titanium Refrigerator -18cft

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Kenwood KRF-480SS – CHL Copper Hairline Titanium Refrigerator -18cft

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Kenwood Chopper Price in Pakistan

2 results for Kenwood Chopper from 2 online stores. Kenwood Chopper price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 54,999 to Rs. 63,200

Kenwood Chopper price list

Kenwood Premier Food Processor Kmc570 Silver Rs. 54,999
Kenwood KRF-480SS – CHL Copper Hairline Titanium Refriger... Rs. 63,200

Kenwood Chopper Overview

Kenwood has over 60 years of experience in enhancing kitchen appliance technology. The stainless steel quad blade system is a fast working mechanism that can save precious meal preparation time that can be dedicated elsewhere in the kitchen. Each model type will have different power motors, plastic container sizes and additional features creating a diverse series of choppers. The essential feature of the Kenwood choppers is their easy to use ignition and sturdy interlocking system that ensure the user is safe at all time when using the machine.
Kenwood is focused on integrating all the essential cooking skills required for perfect food preparation. All models are available online in Pakistan at affordable price points making them a great companion for any kitchen. 

Kenwood Chopper Pros and Cons

Integrated coil storage for the power cord

Neat and compact

Dishwasher Safe both bowl and blades

Comes with a mini spatula for easy mixing

Model CH-580 comes with mayonnaise attachment.

300W motor will not be able to chop ice

Kenwood Chopper Description

Home Appliances 

Kenwood is a known manufacturer of kitchen appliances, it has the complete cooking range from food processors, hand blenders, juicers, sandwich makers and chopper machines, meat grinders, large bowl blenders, smoothie makers, toasters, electric kettles, coffee makers and clothing irons. Their signature product line is called Kenwood Chef Machines that chop vegetables and fruits for meal preparation. They are easy to use and efficient home appliance for cooks worldwide.

Design & Functionality 

Kenwood chopper machines are stylish and compact made from a strong plastic outer shell. They have a quad blade system inside, that can take care of simple to technical cutting and chopping requirements. The stainless steel blades are made from high quality, are extremely sharp and are durable ensuring consistent performance for years. The plastic bowl used for mixed and collecting the chopped food items is durable and is made from non-toxic plastic. The bowl is 0.5 L which has a large enough capacity to prepare a meal for 2 to 4 people. It has a strong interlocking system between the bowl and the blades ensuring safety while turned on. 

Speed Settings

There are two speeds controls in the chopper that can be manually adjusted according to the kind of food being processed. The controls are simple and easy to use, it is a one-step button that immediately responds when pushed down creating an intuitive ignition. The Kenwood chopper has a powerful motor that ensures a wide variety of foods can be processed together. Powerful 500W motor can smoothly chop tough and hard food items in seconds. 

It has a brushed aluminium body that gives the Kenwood design premium quality and stylish appeal. It will easily blend into your kitchen space as it has a compact body and stylish finishings. The neat and tidy cord storage will ensure the chopper is easily stored in cabinets or stayed out of the way when using other kitchen appliances. 

It is easy to clean under running hot water and the detachable parts such as the bowl and blades can be placed inside a dishwasher safely.

Types of Kenwood Choppers 

The Kenwood chopper has different models from the mini chopper to the larger chopper models. The Quad Blade Mini Chopper CH250 has a brushed metal finish and is ideal for preparing meals for 2 to 3 people. It is powered with a 500W motor with two chopping speeds motor that is enough for dicing tomatoes, garlic, green chillies and onions together when preparing Pakistani cuisine at home.

It has a 500 ML bowl capacity that is suitable for preparing a small quantity of food. The simple one-touch control will give uniform results every time. The operating system works by pushing down on the lid ensuring users are safe from coming into any direct contact with the razor-sharp blades inside the container. 

Some models with come with an added mini spatula that is custom-designed for the Kenwood chopper bowl to easily mix and organise food items. The rubber feet under the device ensure a firm grip to the kitchen counter for better control. Other features include the mayonnaise emulsifier tool as a special addition to certain Kenwood chopper models.  

Kenwood Chopper Specifications

  • Cutting System: Stainless Steel Quad blade
  • Controls: 2-speed control
  • Power: 300W to 500W motor
  • Plastic Container: 0.5L bowl

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