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The Lowest price of Jumping Castle in Pakistan is Rs.16,800 and estimated average price is Rs.25,051.


An inflatable structure that is used to jump around or "bounce" in. Made from tough plastics that can take the pressure. Jumping castles are of various sizes and depending on that cost different amounts. The ones for younger children are not that expensive, belonging to the mid-range prices.


A fair attraction

Jumping castles are inflatable structures that are set up temporarily for amusement. It is a common attraction at family festivals and birthday functions. Used for recreational purposes by children and adults too, if the design can accommodate adults. Jumping castles are called that, but the design can vary from being a castle. There are many different design forms today. Larger ones are filled with a blower that runs while it is being used as small leaks are common in them. Smaller sized jumping castles are filled with a pump and then closed to contain the air. At times the pump comes in the box but not all models have that added. 


John Scurlock designed the first inflatable structure in Shreveport, Louisiana; while he working on something for a proposal request from the government. The greatest result of this was the safety air cushion used by fire and rescue departments. Jumping castles today are made from thick PVC or nylon and vinyl. Powered by an electric or mechanical blower.

Safety and comments

It is important that younger children be monitored while playing in a jumping castle, there are many reported cases of injury. It is preferable to set up your jumping castle in a slightly open space.

Jumping castles are available in different sizes and materials. The price also varies depending on these two factors. Generally, a competitively priced product.

Price List

Model Price
Intex - Jumping Castle Inflatable Bouncer Rs. 26,368
IntexJump-O-Lene Yellow Inflatable Jumping Castle… Rs. 26,235
Intex Playhouse Jumping Castle Inflatable Bouncer Rs. 21,995
Intex Inflatable Jump-O-Lene Jumping Castle With … Rs. 16,800
Intex Inflatable Jumping Castle With Pump Rs. 18,500
Intex Transparent Jumping Castle Rs. 21,995
Intex Inflatable Jumping Castle With Pump Rs. 18,200
Intex Jumping Castle Inflatable Bouncer (PX-9133) Rs. 31,500
Intex Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Castle Bounce Rs. 26,395
Intex Inflatable Jumping Castle Bouncer Rs. 33,075
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