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The Lowest price of Jaguar Perfume in Pakistan is Rs.1,142 and estimated average price is Rs.3,927.


Jaguar is a top-end car brand that also produces fragrances inspired by their powerful cars. With a range for men and women; a variety enough for everyone to pick something from. The prices vary depending on the specific one you choose.


An exceptional car brand

Jaguar originates from the Coventry area in England. Known for their sporty cars with powerful engines which were expensive, but people didn't mind paying as the cars came with many luxury features. In the 1950s Jaguar won the 24-hour race in Le Mans, France, four times; cementing their reputation. In the 1990 Ford from the USA bought Jaguar, today the company is part of Jaguar Land Rover Limited and belongs to the parent company Tata Motors; which is based in India.

Jaguar scents

A car brand that expanded into the fragrance market, drawing inspiration from the powerful stance of their automobiles. Launching this segment with Jaguar for Men in 1988, the fragrance was a mix of 32 different notes divided over the top middle and base. A few years later Jaguar introduced scents for women as well, initiating this with Miss Jaguar. A fresh scent with an aquatic feel, created by mixing orange, lavender, green notes, mandarin orange, cassia, basil, grapefruit, anise, bergamot and thyme for the top note; middle notes of cyclamen, nutmeg, carnation, gardenia, cinnamon, jasmine, caraway, sage, rose, geranium and fir; with the base notes of leather, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vanilla, cedar, tobacco and fern.

Over the years Jaguar has put out many new fragrances for both men and women, a wide variety that has something for all.

Available at different prices depending on which fragrance you choose to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
Jaguar Classic Black Edt 100Ml Rs. 3,959
Classic Amber Jaguar Cologne for Men Rs. 4,326
Jaguar Classic Perfume EDT 100ml Rs. 4,360
Jaguar Jaguar Classic Blue Edt 100Ml Rs. 4,514
For Men - Jaguar Green - 100 ml Rs. 4,796
Jaguar Classic Black Perfume 100ml EDT Rs. 5,214
Jaguar Jaguar Ultimate Power Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 5,266
Jaguar Classic Perfume EDT 100ml Rs. 4,510
Jaguar Green Eau De Toilette For Men 100ML Rs. 2,891
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