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The Lowest price of Jaguar Classic Red in Pakistan is Rs.3,900 and estimated average price is Rs.4,078.


An exceptional car brand that also produces fragrances under its badge. The Jaguar Classic Red is a great mix of masculine tones with softer ones to balance them out. It is tagged as being amber, sweet, woody, vanilla and fruity; with a bunch of other tags as well to go with these main ones. The price of Jaguar Classic Red is in an affordable range, with some sales as well making it a lot more accessible.


Jaguar is among the most well known high-end car brands in the world. It was and has always been expensive, but the features and quality have won it a dedicated clientele. Aside from cars, Jaguar also produces some accessories, this includes fragrances. Jaguar Classic Red is a cologne for men that is woody and aromatic at the core.

Jaguar Classic Red

With a bright red flacon to go with its name, Jaguar Classic Red came out in 2013. The fragrance was aimed at the modern man, with a scent profile that is diverse giving it a lot of versatility.

The top notes for Jaguar Classic Red are made from raspberry, blueberry and bergamot. A lighter opening that some sweetness to it with a citrus cut. This layer leads to the heart notes which include black pepper, jasmine and ozonic notes. This brings in some serious spice and a sense of airiness from the ozonic notes.

At the base, to ground all the tones, one finds tonka bean, amber, patchouli, vanilla and cedar. Here you get the woodiness with some earthy green spice.

Overall the scent is extremely versatile and can be worn at any time and during any season. This is a quality that makes it ideal as one's regular cologne. A classy scent with elegance to go with its manly tones.

The staying power and sillage are towards a moderate range, providing one ample cover for their day.


Despite their cars being very expensive, the fragrances from Jaguar are in a much more affordable range. Jaguar Classic Red is also in an affordable range, another reason that this is a good choice for one's regular cologne. 

Price List

Model Price
Jaguar Classic Red Eau de Toilette 100ml Rs. 4,180
Jaguar Classic Red Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 3,900
Jaguar Classic Red Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 4,399
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