Inverter Fridge Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Inverter Fridge in Pakistan is Rs.40,999 and estimated average price is Rs.69,887.


With the rapid advancement in technology, our conventional refrigerators are being replaced by inverter refrigerators that are considered better in every aspect. From saving your electricity bill to making much less noise, inverter refrigerators have taken over the conventional refrigerator market, despite being a little costlier. Inverter fridge prices in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and size you choose but most of them are priced higher than the conventional refrigerators. Read on for the advantages of inverter fridge over conventional ones and the brands that are selling the best inverter refrigerators in Pakistan.


The reason for the popularity of inverter refrigerators is the long term advantages of this revolutionary technology. 

Best Inverter Fridge Brands in Pakistan

Haier, Changhong Ruba, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, PEL, Dawlance & Kenwood are some of the best selling inverter fridges in Pakistan. The crystal series of inverter refrigerators by Orient is amongst the most sought after in the country.

Inverter Fridge Vs Non-Inverter 

Non-inverter refrigerators work at a constant speed with on and off cycles, Inverter refrigerator has the capability to function at varying speeds without turning off. It has the ability to consume as much or as little energy as required and keep the contents of the fridge fresh and cool. Inverters can also work optimally at even the lowest speeds and provide efficient cooling performance. Once they reach a stable temperature, the electricity consumed is only nominal hence saving you up to 50% on your electricity bill. Inverter also makes much less noise as compared to conventional ones.

One downside is the high price tag but that too you can recover through your monthly bill savings. Another downside is the slower cooling as compared to a non-inverter refrigerator, but the inverter variety only starts off slow. Once it reaches an optimum cooling level, it keeps the levels maintained.


Whether you buy an inverter or non-inverter fridge, it is important that you buy one that uses environment-friendly refrigerants for the compressor. There are some harmful refrigerants that release gases that are not considered safe for the eatables in the fridge. 

Price List

Model Price
Haier HRF-336 IPB 12 Cubic Feet Inverter Refriger… Rs. 63,100
Waves Inverter Deep Freezer WINDFT-315 15 Cubic F… Rs. 65,600
Orient Crystal 380 Liters Inverter Refrigerator Rs. 78,650
Haier HRF-306 IFPA 11 Cubic Feet Inverter Refrige… Rs. 75,000
Haier HRF-336 IDBA 12 Cubic Feet Inverter Refrige… Rs. 74,000
Haier HRF-336 ITB Inverter Glass Door 12 Cubic Fe… Rs. 74,000
Dawlance Inverter Vertical Freezer VF 1035 GD 267… Rs. 77,600
Haier HRF-306 ITB 11 Cubic Feet Inverter Refriger… Rs. 72,000
Orient Inverter Refrigerator Marvel 350H Liters 1… Rs. 70,850
Haier HRF-438 IDRA 16 Cubic Feet Digital Inverter… Rs. 84,000
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