Insect Killer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs.1,200 and estimated average price is Rs.6,793.


There are a number of solutions to eradicating unwanted insects and bugs from your home and office that help protect against disease and bacteria. The Mortein liquid range has replaceable bottles that can simply be plugged into the wall socket to provide airflow repellent that instantly kills mosquitoes.


Ultimate Protection

Other than the Mortein liquid there are a number of other solutions to protect your home from the dengue-endemic. There are insect killer sprays. powders and devices that are affordable and effective. Preventing life-threatening illnesses and protecting the whole family all night can provide peaceful sleep and healthy living environment. The blue light bug zapping lamps are a convenient and effective solution to outdoor insects collecting under lights and backyard seating. Simply plug in the lamp into electricity and the UV light emitting from the rods will attract all crawling and flying bugs to where they come into contact with live electricity in the two metal rods at the centre causing them to instantly die.


It is important to keep these sprays out of the reach of kids and should not be consumed. They are highly inflammable and must be kept away from fire or electricity.

Price List

Model Price
Sogo Electric Insect Pest Killer 8watt (JPN-109) Rs. 3,700
Anex - 20Watts - Deluxe Insect Killer AG-1087 - W… Rs. 8,647
Sinbo Magnetic Insect Killer (SIK-16) Rs. 5,850
E-lite EIK-16 Super Magnetic Insect Killer Rs. 7,343
Cambridge Insect Killer (IK-823) Rs. 6,365
2 in 1 Electric Mosquito Racket Insect Killer Por… Rs. 1,500
Sencor Insect Killer (SIK 5000BK) Rs. 6,961
Sogo Insect Killer (JPN- 108) Rs. 3,500
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-140 Rs. 6,313
Electrogenics Pack of 2 Riddex Pro & Buzz Zapper … Rs. 2,040
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