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The Lowest price of Ink Pot in Pakistan is Rs.210 and estimated average price is Rs.313.


The fountain pen has been historically part of lettering, writing and calligraphy all over the world. The ink pot available for fountain pen writing includes the colours Black, Blue, Red and Green. Popularly used in middle school to encourage children to write neatly and cleanly while learning the art of lettering.


Ink is made primarily by mixing dyes and pigments with water. The smooth liquid is processed with gallic acid or tannin, ferrous sulfate, coloured dyes or soluble dyes that are washable. This liquid can be used to write on paper in schools, homes and offices. The digitalisation of administrative and educational instruction has made the usage of inkpot and fountain pens more a novelty enjoyed by hobbyists.

Dignitaries and officials would like to sign official documents with a fountain pen and inkpot as the flow of the signature is smooth and flexible. Ballpoint pens can feel heavy and tight as compared to ink pens that have a light application that does not need the pressure of the hand or wrist to write. 

Inkpot Size

The common size for inkpots is 60ml that will last for several weeks depending on your daily usage. The bottle is designed with a leak-proof plastic lid that screws on to seal the ink inside. The glass bottle ensures that the ink is able to last for months without the risk of drying out under direct sunlight. 

Fountain pens are refillable allowing the user to keep using the inkpot whenever required using the built-in pump or plunger filling system of the pen. It is advised to not use calligraphy ink used in dip pens in a fountain pen as it is thicker in consistency as compared to writing ink. It could clog up your fountain pen as the structure inside is very narrow.

Art & Writing 

The many activities that require an inkpot are Bullet and Daily Journaling on special vintage paper with heavy grammage feels classical and olden era aesthetic, Poetry and personalised notes are also preferred to be written with inkpot and pen combinations as these feel more thoughtful and meaningful.

Artists prefer to sketch with ink in their sketchbooks or on larger paper as the medium is natural and organic as compared to ballpoint or markers.

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Artisan - Calligraphy Ink Pot Jar 1 Set-12Pcs Cle… Rs. 249
Pack of 3 Signature Dr Board Markers with (1) Bla… Rs. 210
Calligraphy Vintage Glass INKPOT Rs. 650
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