Infinix Smart 4 Covers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Infinix Smart 4 Covers in Pakistan is Rs.475 and estimated average price is Rs.639.


Covers for smartphones are very useful as they keep the phone maintained in a better condition. The Infinix Smart 4 also has covers made for it, with a ton of designs so you can choose the one you think suits your style. This is a great way to spruce up and personalise your device. The price of these covers is nominal.


If you want to keep your smartphone protected a cover will help to a great degree. There are many covers for all phones, including the Infinix Smart 4, this lets one have a cover they prefer. Aside from customising your smartphone, a cover will keep it from getting dented, scratched and possibly also save it from cracking if it drops.

The basic covers are block colours, with the next iteration the patterned ones. One can also get covers with graphic art on them, this could be in the form of text or a character from a well-known movie or cartoon. The texture of covers also varies so that is another thing to consider.

If you drop your smartphone more often you can opt for thicker covers that provide more protection.

The price of covers varies a bit but it is generally in an affordable range, making it easy to keep your Infinix Smart 4 protected while you carry it with you.

Price List

Model Price
Infinix Hot 8 Hot7 Pro Smart 4 Smart 3 Plus Hot6 … Rs. 475
Infinix Smart 4 Cover Case for Girls - Pink Fancy… Rs. 525
Super Anti Knock Phone Case Protective Cover for … Rs. 1,000
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