Huawei P20 Covers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Huawei P20 Covers in Pakistan is Rs.750 and estimated average price is Rs.1,009.


A simple way to keep your Huawei P20 protected is with a cover, this will keep it from getting scratches and dents. It can even help avert a crack in case the smartphone drops. There are a lot of options and the prices are generally affordable, making this a sensible investment.


The Huawei P20 is a relatively costly smartphone, keeping it in a cover can help keep it safer. Covers keep the device from getting dents, nicks and scratches. It can even save your phone from getting cracked if it drops.

There are a lot of options that one can choose from, making it a fun way to accessorise your get up. Starting at block colours that can be nearly any colour on to patterns and textured covers. One can also find covers for their Huawei P20 with graphic art or text on it, this text can be things such as famous quotes. Aside from this some even have glitter and diamantes, these add extra flair to your get up.

These covers are made from plastics and rubbers; in case you are prone to dropping your phone, you can also find more shockproof, tactical covers. These are thicker and provide more protection.

The price of covers for the Huawei P20 is relatively affordable, letting one protect their smartphone for not so much money.

Price List

Model Price
Huawei P20 Lite Cover – Candy Colors Trendy Stick… Rs. 999
Huawei P20 – Dark Galaxy Stars Modern Printed Har… Rs. 999
Master Roshi 3D Case For Huawei P20 Pro Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Lite – Trendy Mysterious White Marble … Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Lite Cover – Black Ocean Marble Trendy… Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Pro Cover – Candy Colors Trendy Sticke… Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Pro – London, Paris, New York Modern P… Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Pro – Trendy Black Marble Printed Hard… Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Pro Cover – Dark Rose Vintage Flowers … Rs. 999
Huawei P20 Lite Cover – Chic Colorful Mermaid Pri… Rs. 999
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