Huawei Honor 8C Covers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Huawei Honor 8C Covers in Pakistan is Rs.799 and estimated average price is Rs.1,002.


A cover helps keep your smartphone safe from nicks, falls and bumps. The rear also stays protected from scratches. One can also find covers for the Huawei Honor 8C, in a lot of different designs. One can choose based on the design they like. The price of a cover for this smartphone is in a very affordable range.


You can protect your Huawei Honor 8C with a cover, this helps it stay safer if it falls and even general wear at tear is taken by the cover. Your Huawei Honor 8C will stay safe from scratches, nicks and small dents.

Covers are like an accessory and one has the option of picking the kind of style they like. There are some that are block colours and others that have graphic art of text on them. There are also covers that are transparent, some people like these as their smartphone does not get covered up. Covers also have a cutout for the camera bump and fingerprint reader so they are not obstructed.

The price of a cover for the Huawei Honor 8C is in an affordable range, making it high in value. The value is high as this cover is inexpensive yet protects something that is many times its price.

Price List

Model Price
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Trendy Black Marble Print… Rs. 999
Master Roshi 3D Case For Huawei Honor 8C(3) Rs. 999
New Luxury Mirror View QR Flip Book Case For Huaw… Rs. 799
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Dark Rose Vintage Flowers… Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Violet Sky Marble Trendy … Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Embrace, Dark Trendy Prin… Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Geometric Luxe Marble Tre… Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Trendy Mysterious White M… Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – London, Paris, New York M… Rs. 999
Huawei Honor 8C Cover – Trendy Pink Rose Vintage … Rs. 999
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