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The Lowest price of Hp Laptop in Pakistan is Rs.35,000 and estimated average price is Rs.152,249.


A competitive brand that has retained a solid market position for decades, HP laptops are available in many designs and price points. From high-end lines with touch screens and other top of the shelf specs for complex tasks to the most basic machine you would need for general everyday use.

Pros & Cons


  • Many models

  • Varied price range

  • Durable


  • Components give problems at times


A little about HP 

HP is short for Hewlett-Packard, a company that has been around since the late 1930s making electronics of various kinds. In 1966 they entered the computer market with 2 minicomputer variations; today HP is one of the largest and among the most well-known brands that make computers with desktops and laptops. In the laptop market HP releases new models each year with upgrades in the processing power, features and other functionalities. They have put out some of the best-rated laptops with amazing battery life, looks, display and processing speed. The Hp laptop segment has a few names for their ranges - HP Envy, HP Pavillion, HP ZBook, HP EliteBook, HP Omen, HP ProBook, HP Chromebook, HP Stream and HP Spectre.

The various HP laptop lines

Costing-wise the most high end of the range is the HP Spectre line which is a premium laptop line with amazing design, latest tech in screens and a very impressive battery life. With touch screens and some that can fold over backwards to become a tablet essentially. These are usually with SSDs (Solid State Drive) and don't compromise on the processing power, even running high-end graphics - the complete machine. The HP Envy range is just below this and is basically sightly cheaper than the Spectre line. The body isn't as high-grade which makes up for the cheaper cost. Some of them come with a mechanical hard drive too, which costs lesser than the SSDs. The HP Pavillion series is next, with a more broad customer base as it is a mainstream consumer device. Giving you good power for your money, not as fancy looking but with a decent body sometimes in metal or generally plastics. The Pavillion series also comes in funky colours if you want a more customised look on you.

HP's Omen line is the gamers' laptop with a backlit keyboard and more sci-fi design elements, still retaining the red Voodoo logo after HP acquired Voodoo in 2007. These HP laptops also have dedicated high-end graphics cards with their dedicated RAM so playing games on it is visually as smooth as can be. The ZBook line is a heavy laptop developed for architects and designers so they also house powerful CPUs and graphics cards. A heavy-duty yet portable digital workstation that can handle tasks a basic laptop would crumble under.

The HP EliteBook is geared towards businesses with a durable body and more secure systems. Durable enough to meet military specifications! And self-healing BIOSes with the vPro function that lets you access your laptop or run updates remotely even when the OS is off. The ProBook line is for a smaller business and is cheaper than the EliteBook but can still help you manage most of your regular work. A simpler machine so the IT department isn't needed to sort out too many issues.

HP's Chromebooks are with the new browser-based OS by Google a better machine if one uses web-based apps for work instead of conventional softwares. As the OS is free they also cost less than other laptops. The other such laptop line is the HP Stream which is designed to be a kid's first laptop, so it has very basic specs and is smaller in size too. With some fun colours for kids to pick from. Aside from all these lines, HP does make laptops with just their brand name but they are usually a lot cheaper and cater to a very different market.

HP quality

HP laptops are quite common, they have made and maintained a name for many years. Still counting as one of the top brands and with so many different series they are able to cover a broad market spectrum. Which laptop is good for you depends on the work you need it to do and the price range you have in mind. Generally, HP is considered a high-end brand and their machines are costly.

Price List

Model Price
HP EliteBook 840 G3 Laptop - 14 , Intel Core i5-6… Rs. 57,419
HP 3500 Pro Tower Gaming PC - Intel Core i5 3nd g… Rs. 55,299
HP ProBook 640 G2 14" HD Business Laptop - Intel … Rs. 48,000
Hp 348 g3 corei7 6th Generation 08Gb ram 500Gb ha… Rs. 72,000
HP 348 G3 Corei5 6th Generation 04GB Ram 500GB Ha… Rs. 52,500
HP EliteBook 840 G1 -14 inch Notebook - Core i5 4… Rs. 42,000
HP EliteBook 840 G2 -14 inch Notebook - Core i5 5… Rs. 50,000
Hp Notebook 15s FQ2553TU i7-1165G7 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 167,899
Hp Probook - 450 G8 i5 :1y Rs. 164,500
Hp Pavilion 15 - EG0081cl Rs. 189,500
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