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HP's EliteBook line is for office work that needs some more power. The x360 1040 from this line has various generations and one can choose the specific one they need. The specs are generally closer to a higher-end but still a few steps from the top. The features and build are good, with prices that are varied based on the specific generation and components. A versatile device that can also work as a tablet.


HP has a varied range of machines that are for different kinds of users. The EliteBook is for office users who need some more power for their tasks. The HP EliteBook x360 1040 is a versatile machine that can also be used as a tablet, this also makes it a good device for media and for artists.

The HP EliteBook x360 1040

HP's EliteBook line can take on more tasks with ease, this makes it a good choice if you have larger scale work to tackle. The fact that it can work as a tablet makes it multipurpose, allowing you to read articles with ease or enjoy YouTube.

This ability of a tablet with a touch screen also makes it a good choice for artists and designers. Although it has a simpler graphics card so there is a limitation to what level of work one can undertake. The internals are mostly from Intel, both the processor and graphics processor. Generally, the processor is a few steps below what the top option in the era is.

RAM and storage are both higher-grade variants, for instance, storage is the SSD kind. The RAM spec itself is generally mid-range, with some options it is a bit higher.

The displays used are FHD and higher with the newer models. One gets great clarity for their visual interfacing and also the privacy screen feature is available with newer models. This range of machines comes with 14 inch displays.

WiFi and Bluetooth manage wireless connections and porting has ample options as well. This lets one connect whatever external device they need to. 

A webcam, mics and speakers also sort out your video calls and other media needs.

The price of the HP Elitebook X360 1040 laptops is mid range. The performance would sort out most users unless they have the need for a lot more power.

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