Hp Core I5 3Rd Generation Laptop Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hp Core I5 3Rd Generation Laptop in Pakistan is Rs.20,999 and estimated average price is Rs.20,999.


An older processor that one can find in HP laptops. This chip is a powerful one for the time it was released in, today it would be considered dated. HP laptops with this processor are available for lower-end prices.


A leading computer brand, HP has many different kinds of laptops that are built for various segments of the market. Some are simple consumer machines for everyday tasks, while others are very powerful machines for gamers of designers. The brand has multiple lines with names such as HP Envy, HP Pavillion, HP ZBook, HP EliteBook, HP Omen, HP ProBookHP Chromebook, HP Stream and HP Spectre.

Different machines are built with different components, many have processors from Intel. Including the Core i5 3rd generation processors.

HP laptops with Core i5 3rd generation processors

The Core i5 3rd generation processor from Intel has been used by many brands, including HP. This processor was released in 2012 and is based on the Ivy Bridge design. It supports four cores and is quite similar to the previous model, with the major difference being that instead of 32nm it is built using the 22nm method. The other difference is the 3D Tri-gate transistors. These two upgrades boost the performance by quite a margin.

HP has ProBooks and EliteBooks that makes use of this processor.


Today this may be considered a dated processor to be making use of and laptops that have this are generally older models as well. Still, if someone is looking for a budget buy today this processor with an HP laptop would work for you especially if your tasks need everyday computing power.

An HP laptop with a Core i5 3rd generation chip would be able to handle games well; unless they are the latest ones as the requirements have gone up a lot since this chip was released.

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Core I5 3470 Gaming Pc - Hp Pro 3500 3rd Generation - Proce… Rs. 20,999
Core I5 3470 Gaming Pc - Hp Pro 3500 3rd Generation - Proce… Rs. 20,999
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