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The Lowest price of Hot Pot in Pakistan is Rs.80 and estimated average price is Rs.3,102.


Pakistani households use hot pots mainly for keeping the rotis and naan warm. They are also used for keeping a variety of other foods warm like soups, yakhni, stews, rice and fried foods etc. Check out hot pot prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Hot Pot Sets

Known brands like Dynasty, Prestige, Happy Lion offer 3 hot pots in varying sizes in a set. They are sometimes accompanied by matching water coolers. You can buy these economical sets at the best prices in Pakistan on this page.

Material & Sizes

Most hotpots in Pakistan are available in a plastic exterior and are insulated on the inside. Other materials may be wood, acrylic, fabric, stainless steel etc. The insulation is responsible for keeping the rotis or other food items hot for a long time. It also keeps cold food items cold. The lid is usually made out of the same material as the rest of the pot but the modern ones come with heatproof glass lids that look stylish and trendy.


The modern designs feature colourful prints and patterns or metal accents. Ethnic designs may or may not have metal inserts and are designed to resemble the traditional Sindhi roti basket called chabba. The wooden ones can be carved or feature intricate patterns and prints etc. You can find hot pots in different sizes and materials on our website. 

Washing & Cleaning

The hot pots are easy to clean and wash and some of them are made out of materials that can easily be run through a dishwashing cycle. The metal inserts can be removed for thorough washing and drying of the pot.

The type of hotpot you choose is a matter of personal preferences but the best ones are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The ones with glass lids look modern and are more presentable when placed on the dining table. Keep visiting this page for updated designs and sale on hot pots and sets by different brands. 

Price List

Model Price
Printed Pot Holder 2 Pcs Oven Mitts - 100% Cotton Machine W… Rs. 80
Wooden Hotpot Brass and Carving Work Rs. 3,499
Frakin 2 Pcs Silicon Pot Holder - Silicon Oven Mitts , Heat… Rs. 180
Dinner Hot Pot 4 PCS Set Rs. 2,800
Thailand Hotpot Plastic 20cm Golden Color Rs. 2,250
King Store 1 Pc Food Warmer 5.0 Litres Hot Pot Medium Size Rs. 3,649
Happy Gains Large Glass Top Hotpot 3000 ml Rs. 2,800
Smula Serving Tray Rs. 1,650
King Store Royal Stylo 3 Hot Pot Set 1 Piece Water Cooler 1… Rs. 5,249
Taiwan Round Hotpot Grey Marble 2Ltr – 662GM Rs. 6,955
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