Hoop Earrings Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hoop Earrings in Pakistan is Rs.1,200 and estimated average price is Rs.5,013.


Hoop earrings are an essential jewellery item for women as they are affordable and comfortable to wear for the whole day. They are hypoallergenic depending on the material, soft to wear as compared to other larger pieces of jewellery and durable. The beauty of the hoop earrings is that they can be worn to multiple occasions, casually at home, to work, weddings and fancy dinner parties. They are understated and sophisticated timeless pieces of jewellery available in gold, silver, rose gold, platinum and regular materials as well.


The polished and shiny finish of hoop earrings is because of the premium materials used to create them. There are 14k white gold and gold hoop earrings available on Shopsy. There are designs finished with a coating of gold and white gold colour that make these pieces beautiful and affordable as compared to solid pure gold.

White gold will last longer than yellow gold both are made from gold and alloy metals. White gold has a rhodium plating that makes it closer to platinum premium finish without the heavy expensive price point. The white gold finish will last one to three years but will eventually start fading. Sterling silver and Platinum hoop earrings are suitable for all skin types, especially fr those with skin allergies to impure metals. Their hypoallergenic nature makes them safe t be worn by children and adults.

In case one wants to opt for a more affordable option there are also mixed metals that are not precious and plastic hoop earrings too.


The diameter of hoop earrings can be as small as 12mm which is 0.48 inch to 45mm which is 1.8 inches. Depending on your personal preferences there are many different styles, sizes and colours available. These pieces can be worn in the shower without any risk of skin irritations but this will rapidly fade them.

Price List

Model Price
Statement chain big hoop earrings. Rs. 1,200
Top Shiny Silver Color Cubic Zirconia Party Occasion Hoop E… Rs. 6,148
Top Shiny Multicolor Cubic Zirconia Party Occasion Hoop Ear… Rs. 6,148
Top Shiny Purple Blue Cubic Zirconia Party Occasion Hoop Ea… Rs. 6,148
Crystal Hoop Earrings Rs. 2,890
Top Shiny Golden Leopard Color Cubic Zirconia Party Occasio… Rs. 6,148
The Clematis Hoop Earrings Rs. 5,650
GODKI Silver Butterfly Cubic Zircon Statement Big Hoop Earr… Rs. 7,528
Janeklly Cubic Zirconia Geometric Shape Hoop Earrings Rs. 5,720
GODKI Silver Charms Micro Zircon Big Hoop Earrings Rs. 4,687
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