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Homeshopping believes in developing niche categories of products that help facilitate the needs and requirements of a Pakistani consumer. Homeshopping manages thousands of local and international orders placed on their online store. They deliver to remote areas of Pakistan where consumers have access to mobile data to make purchases on the website.


Online Shopping is the home address of the online hybrid marketplace that started the trend of e-commerce sellers in Pakistan. They have over 3000 local and international brands that include Samsung, Apple, Dell, HP in international consumer electronics to fashion brands like Gul Ahmed and Al Karam. It was founded in 2008 in Karachi as an online shopping platform for Pakistanis all over the country. With price points as low as Rs 500 and other competitive low prices for branded consumer goods, it is a one-stop-shop for men and women. has received prominent accolades such as World Retail Awards in 2013. An Omni-channel experience is a multi-channel approach to marketing and Homeshopping is one of the top 7 in the world. It has also won “Brands of the Year” award in Pakistan. The interface is simple and easy to use on the mobile phone and computer. Homeshopping ensures that items will be delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible with supportive customer services to help track orders. 

Online Store 

The founder of the online store is Shayaan Tahir that wanted to establish a profitable and healthy e-commerce network in Pakistan. The business has grown organically through loyal customers and dependable local dealerships.  At the heart of the online store are the trusted sellers showcasing their products on the platform. Their main source of sales comes from these local stores that provide home and office solutions. Their roster of products includes home appliances and commercial electronics. The mentorship Homeshopping provides to its registered sellers helps to grow the website and individual businesses. They provide vital training to retailers to help them set up sustainable small businesses encouraging healthy entrepreneurship in the country.  

Product Range

With international brands for consumer goods, they have more than 50,000 products that include a wide variety of budget-friendly home appliances, gaming consoles, audio and visual equipment, expensive accessories, fashion related products and kitchenware. The quality standard is maintained by checking each product available on the website. The double-checking quality tests are done by the team themselves that ensure that the shopping experience of Homeshopping is satisfactory and efficient. 

Payment Method

There is Cash on Delivery option for online purchases ensuring the customer can receive the package at their home before making any final payment. With the new government restrictions on cash on delivery being introduced Homeshopping wants to ensure their customers feel secure in buying from their platform. The fintech built into the e-commerce of the company will try to maintain a low price range on their products to ensure a large Pakistani demographic can benefit from online shopping. 

Delivery & Retail Store

Homeshopping has an independent courier service and logistics firm that ensures that all their delivered are independent of third-party delays. They also have dedicated retail outlets in over 5 locations across the country to ensure a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Homeshopping will build an open discussion forum and blog for their consumers to discuss their experiences and tips. It wants to encourage more social e-commerce practices in the country to keep developing a hyper-local marketplace.

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Fresh Mint Podina 1 Bundle Rs. 25
Antec DP501 Mid-Tower Gaming Case – Black Rs. 11,549
Vacation Package for Kids 1 TR120222020 Rs. 2,009
Ngo Management, Concept And Cases: A South Asian Perspectiv… Rs. 4,999
Blue - Creative Animal Unicorn Eraser YZ1607 Rs. 435
Havit SK755 RGB Speakers Rs. 4,140
Engaging with the Narrative of Radical Extremism: A Spiritu… Rs. 2,200
170 Sheets Scrapbook Paper Craft Pattern 6×6 Inches 50 Shee… Rs. 687
Fresh Mango Anwar Ratole 500gms Rs. 190
DAAGH-E NAATUMAAM By Syed Abid Ali Abid Rs. 1,794
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