Homage Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Homage Water Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs.13,800 and estimated average price is Rs.21,129.


Homage offers stylish and functional water dispensers that can liven up your space while making sure everyone has clean drinking water available.

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish designs with glossy glass profile

  • Reusable water bottles


  • Can only use 5-gallon water bottles


Homage water dispenser has both 2 taps and 3 tap designs in their roster. These models offer both cold and hot temperature-controlled drinking water that can be accessed using a push-button system. There is a separate water tank within the total internal storage capacity dedicated to temperature-controlled water. The cold water tank is 3 litres and a hot water tank is 1 litre. In case you need hot water for making coffee or tea the hot water is ideal for quickly making hot beverages at home or the office. The icy cold water tap is used in the summer season to make juices and cool down from the hot weather. 


The homage water dispensers value design aesthetics and have colourful profiles for their water dispensers. The glass glossy skin for water dispensers makes them an attractive addition to the room or office space. With colours like red, black, gold and standard white they will blend into the room perfectly. 

Price List

Model Price
Homage 3 Taps Water Dispenser HWD 49332 Rs. 26,500
Homage 3 Tap Water Dispenser HWD-49332 3WT Rs. 24,100
Homage Water Dispenser HWD 49432 Glass Door Red Rs. 26,500
Homage 2 Taps Water Dispenser (HWD-63) Rs. 17,900
Homage Water Dispenser (HWD-42) Rs. 16,600
Homage 3 Taps Water Dispenser (HWD-62) Rs. 20,999
Homage Water Dispenser (Red & Black) HWD-85 Rs. 17,100
Homage Big Capacity Water Dispenser HWD 81 Rs. 17,900
Homage HWD-49332P Water Dispenser White Rs. 24,433
Homage Water Dispenser(HWD-31) Rs. 15,299
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