Homage Ups Price in Pakistan - 1 results

Homage Ups price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 22,700 to Rs. 22,700 with an estimated average price of Rs. 22,700

Homage HTU1205 Tron Uno Inverter Ups

Rs. 22,700

Homage HTU1205 Tron Uno Inverter Ups

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Homage Ups Price in Pakistan - 1 results

Homage Ups price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 22,700 to Rs. 22,700 with an estimated average price of Rs. 22,700

Homage Ups Price List

Homage HTU1205 Tron Uno Inverter Ups Rs. 22,700

Homage Ups Overview

Homage UPS is a trusted and reliable power solutions brand in Pakistan that supplied UPS and Inverters nationally and internationally. UPS can be a quick solution to frequent load shedding experienced in homes and offices. It can help keep basic lights and fans on during a power outage. It will be able to power heavy electrical devices for a short duration but can not sustain power for a long duration.

Homage Ups Pros and Cons

Silent and automatic power backup


Durable and long-lasting device

Solar supported

Two battery systems that can power heavy appliances

Cost-efficient overtime for home-usage.

Cannot power heavy appliances for a long duration

Gives an hour or two of power supply

Homage Ups Description

One step solution to load shedding in Pakistan

Homage established in 2007 is a trusted name and quality seller of power and home appliances. Homage manufactures a wide range of solar panels, generators, inverters, gel and AGM batteries for home and office. Their microwave ovens and water dispensers are also popular sale items found online. Homage is available at a wide dealer network in Pakistan at affordable price points.

Difference between UPS and Inverters

The Uninterruptible Power Supply termed UPS and inverter both provide the backup supply to the electrical system. The difference between the UPS and inverter is that the switching of UPS from the mains supply to the battery is direct whereas through the inverter the switching from the mains power supply has a transition period to battery creates a momentary pause. The Homage inverter will act as a medium between the primary power supply and the battery device ensuring no unexpected fluctuations cause damage to home or appliances. 

For smooth continuous workflow, users choose UPS as an ideal power supply solution as they provide instantaneous backup to appliances without delay and fluctuation. Depending on your needs, both UPS and inverters make living conditions more comfortable and productive. Homage provides a long-term solution so customers experience continuous electricity even with constant load shedding in Pakistan. 

Types of Homage Inverters 

Homage has both home inverters and solar hybrid inverters. The solar hybrid inverters are designed to provide sustainable hassle-free power backup making living conditions comfortable and carefree. Along with the solar hybrid inverter, they also have solar panels for home and office installation. This is a low maintenance power supply solution that is also a social service to the national electricity shortage in Pakistan. You can now give back electricity to the mains supply when you install solar panel, the surplus energy your solar panels store will aid in reducing your home or offices electricity bill.

The HOD -2212 SCC is called a Tron Octa Duo because of the 2 battery system. It is solar supported with each battery being 200 Amp. With this model homes and offices can light 12 Tube Lights or 30 Energy Savers and 12 Fans. Compatible with 2200 VA, 1800 WATT, 24 VDC/230 VAC, 1350W, PWM HB-220G, HB-195 and 250 W. It has 7 solar panels in parallel that makes it energy efficient and easily integrable into the home and office. The other solar inverter series is Hexa with 8 to 12 solar panels in their models that can power heavy-duty home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. 

Home inverters is a compact electrical appliance that converts DC to an AC power. Traditionally used in select aircraft systems to convert a portion of the DC power to AC. Home devices need uninterrupted power to function smoothly delivered through DC or direct current main power supply. As these appliances are designed to run on AC power or alternating current so that they can withstand the changing polarities of electricity. AC power can send current through the circuit and reverse it while sending it back. The fast delivery of power makes AC efficient for high voltage "stepping up" power supply through a transformer as compared to direct current.

With inbuilt protection from overheating will automatically shutdown when nearing any heat damage temperatures of 120-degree Celsius or overcharging. This is great as the device protects itself from any accidents or overuse making it a long-lasting addition to the home.  

The Electron series is the basic model of the inverter that can power 5 lights and 5 fans, great for small businesses and shops that are looking for affordable continuous power supply during load shedding. 

Warranty & Service Centres 

Homage offers a variety of warranties on their products assuring buyers that any manufacturing defects even after the purchase has been made will be taken care of immediately. Consumers have the right to ask Homage through their service centres and online chat on their official website for fast solutions.