Homage Battery Price in Pakistan

1 results for Homage Battery from 1 online stores. Homage Battery price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 5,199 to Rs. 5,199

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Homage HB 50G Battery

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Homage Battery Price in Pakistan

1 results for Homage Battery from 1 online stores. Homage Battery price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 5,199 to Rs. 5,199

Homage Battery Price List

Homage HB 50G Battery Rs. 5,199

Homage Battery Overview

Homage established in 2007 is a trusted name and quality seller of power and home appliances. Homage manufactures a wide range of solar panels, generators, inverters, gel and AGM batteries. A battery can be a quick solution to frequent load shedding experienced in homes and offices. It is installed in various automobile, applications and used to start-up applications with its deep charge technology.

Homage Battery Description

2 Types of Homage Batteries  

The VRLA batteries come in two distinct versions Deep Cycle AGM batteries and Gel batteries. Batteries store power effectively for UPS and Inverters, they store battery acid when made from silicon turns into a gel.

The electrolyte mixture becomes a leak proof mixture, the hollow channels in the gel battery distribute power through a gaseous conversion from oxygen to hydrogen turning into water thus releasing energy. This system helps conserve energy and ensures minimal amount is wasted during usage.

AGM batteries are ideal for ignition as they are start-up batteries and better for cars and generators as compared to gel batteries. Known as membrane batteries, the AGM battery has a fibreglass mat acting as a sponge of capillaries with low internal resistance being able to send out a higher output surge of power.


They have 18-24 months of estimated battery life power as they are environmentally friendly power supply solution. There is no need to constantly change or re-fill the battery, no special check-up required like other power solutions. They are specially designed for Inverter and UPS applications.

Weatherproof and durable, they are suitable for all seasons and maintenance-free with easy operational keys and setup. The gel battery will deliver a deep discharge that is up to 3 times when compared to the power cycle of an AGM battery.

Difference between UPS and Inverters

The Uninterruptible Power Supply termed UPS and inverter both provide the backup supply to the electrical system. The difference between the UPS and inverter is that the switching of UPS from the mains supply to the battery is direct whereas through the inverter the switching from the mains power supply has a transition period to battery creates a momentary pause.

For smooth continuous workflow, users choose inverters over UPS as an ideal power supply solution. Homage provides a long-term solution so customers experience continuous electricity even with constant load shedding in Pakistan.

Warranty & Service Centres 

Homage offers a variety of warranties on their products assuring buyers that any manufacturing defects even after the purchase has been made will be taken care of immediately. Consumers have the right to ask Homage through their service centres and online chat on their official website for fast solutions.