Hid Lights Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hid Lights in Pakistan is Rs.850 and estimated average price is Rs.5,116.


A bright light that is mostly used in cars today. These HID lights are available in many other forms as well, for bicycle lights, as torches and more. The price of these lights depends on what they are made for and the brand that made them.


HID Lights

High Intensity Discharge lights are based on the arc lamp technology. An electric arc between two tungsten electrodes is set inside a gaseous environment, causing there to be a massive amount of visible light. The gas is one of the noble gases. At times lamps also have mercury or other metals or metal salts that add to the overall brightness, making for a more powerful light source.

HID lights are more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, with a way higher ratio of visible light per unit of power consumed. This technology was first demonstrated in 1705 by Francis Hauksbee.

Uses of HID lights

The most common use of HID lights is in cars, one can often see a younger generation with cars that have extremely bright white lights. This is at times a traffic violation and risk, especially when the lights are set to a high-beam setting.

Aside from this HID lights are used in sports to light up courts or fields. There are also torches which make use of HID lights. It is the light used on many aircrafts as well, for takeoff and taxi.

Degradation over time

As with most kinds of lamps today, HID lights also tend to fade. One sign is that the colour starts to become more and more blue.

In case an HID light breaks open near you, be careful especially if it contains mercury because it can release a vapour that one can inhale.


The most wear to an HID light happens if it is restarted before it has cooled down and the metallic salts have not yet recrystallised. 

HID lights are available for many different rates depending on the brand and specific use of the light.

Price List

Model Price
C6 LED SMD HID 9005 36W 3800ML | Car Brightest Light | For … Rs. 850
3 Mode T6 LED Bike / Bicycle Light Headlamp Rs. 1,099
G5 Headlight LED Light - H11 | Night Breaker Rs. 5,000
Chrome Silver Amber Rear Indicator Bulbs 581 1156 PY21W Tur… Rs. 1,479
Car Brightest Light C6 LED SMD HID 9005 Rs. 1,000
Maximus 55W Tubes H3 – Each | For Head Lights | Headlamps |… Rs. 1,150
Kings Xenon HID Light HIgh 300w - H4 Rs. 9,000
A6 LED Headlight HID For Head Lights | Headlamps | Car Fron… Rs. 1,725
M3 LED Green H11 | For Head Lights | Headlamps | Car Front… Rs. 4,000
Kings Xenon HID Light HIgh 200w - 9005 Rs. 9,000
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