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Hermes is one of the famous luxury brands. Hermes also produces belts among the many accessories it designs. Their belts are of top quality just like all their other products. Available for a premium price; they cost a lot.


Hermes the brand

Hermes is one of the luxury fashion brands that started with equestrian leather goods. The logo still represents this history with the Duc carriage. Today Hermes produces a lot of other products such as clothes, fragrances, footwear and accessories that include belts.

Hermes belts

Belts are among the first-ever clothing accessories that were and are of functional use. Hermes is known for producing very fine leather belts. Their 'H' shaped buckle is a cultural icon. Most of their belts for men and women make use of this buckle. Othe buckles are inspired by equestrian themes, or can also be simple buckles.

As for the belts themselves they are made from leather, the major differences are in colours and print. With some of the women's belts having small holes punched into them for design.


Hermes belts are very costly, the brand itself is one of the premium brands in fashion. The quality is some of the best possible in the world, with a finish of great finesse.

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