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The Lowest price of Hemani Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs.630 and estimated average price is Rs.941.


Hemani Shampoo catalogue has a wide variety of products that are sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free ensuring that the hair is protected from harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.


The hair care treatments include nourishing natural vitamins derived from eggs and plants along with premium extracts of Caviar, Keratin and Silk preparing the hair on a cellular level. The hand pump bottle design is easy to use in the shower. This Hemani Shampoo series includes Deep Care, Glossy Soft, Repair, Zero Frizz & Egg Shampoo. There is an accompanying conditioner with added Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E that deeply moisturize the hair tips keeping them soft and manageable.

Egg Shampoo is recommended for oily hair as it helps reduce breakage, promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair from the root. For coloured hair, the Hemani Shampoo called Blends of 7 Herbs is ideal as it is free from chemicals using absolutely natural hair treatment formula made from Arnica, Chamomile, Garlic, Ivy, Nettle and Watercress that do not weigh down the hair leaving it fresh and clean. The herbal shampoo series has a dedicated treatment for dandruff using the same natural formula that soothes the scalp and deeply cleans it removing all oily excess.

Price List

Model Price
Wb By Hemani Zero Frizz - Keratin Shampoo 300ML Rs. 875
Wb By Hemani Blend Of 7 Herbs Shampoo 350Ml Rs. 875
Hemani Anti-Lice Combo Oil + Shampoo Rs. 990
Wb By Hemani Aloe Vera Shampoo 300 Ml Rs. 875
Wb By Hemani Youthful+ Shampoo With Collagen 150 … Rs. 630
WB By Hemani BE SOFT SHAMPOO With Goat Milk 300 ML Rs. 875
Hemani Anti-Lice Shampoo 150ml Rs. 850
Wb By Hemani Coconuty Allure Shampoo 500ml Rs. 1,000
Hemani Garlic Shampoo + Hair Lotion 500ml Rs. 900
Wb By Hemani Coconuty Allure Shampoo 500ml Rs. 700
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