Hemani Hair Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hemani Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs.110 and estimated average price is Rs.315.


A brand that produces many different hair oils. Hemani Hair Oils have options so one can purchase the oil that works better for them. The price of Hemani Hair Oil is nominal.



Hemani is a Pakistani brand. It was started in 1949 and produces many different products. With a wide variety of personal care products such as facial scrubs, oils, teas, lotions and a lot more.

Hemani Hair Oil

Among the many personal care products, one can find Hemani Hair Oil. Hemani has a diverse range of options for hair oils. Including amla, almond, coconut, cactus, henna, olive, kalonji, garlic, mustard, argan and moringa oil. One can choose an oil that suits them, or try the different ones to see which one suits them.

The brand also produces readymade mixes of a few different oils. These have purpose-specific names such as Hemani Anti Hair Loss Oil. These mixes may also have nutritional extracts from other herbs such as ginseng, rosemary, lavender etc.


Hemani Hair Oils should be applied to the scalp and massaged for 20 minutes. One can wash it after that or leave it for longer periods of time, this varies from person to person and also depends on the time one has available.

Too much oil should never be used as the hair gets greasy and collects dirt and dust.


As with most herbal health aids, Hemani Hair Oil has to be used consistently for a while before the effects are visible.

The price of this product is in the affordable ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Pure Coconut Hair Oil (Blue) 100ml Rs. 110
Hemani Black Seeds Hair Oil 200ml Rs. 330
Hemani Pure Coconut Hair Oil (Blue) 500 ML Rs. 465
Hemani Herbal Neem Oil 60ml Rs. 290
Hemani Fleur's Charm Hair Oil 180ml (nightfall Relaxation) Rs. 350
Hemani Pure Natural Coconut Hair Oil Rs. 438
Hemani Anti-lice Oil 100ml Rs. 400
Hemani Herbal Rosemary Oil 40ml Rs. 389
Hemani Fleur's Charm Hair Oil 180ml (allure Nourishing Antiā€¦ Rs. 350
Hemani Anti Dandruff Hair Oil 75ml Rs. 450
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