Hemani Coconut Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hemani Coconut Oil in Pakistan is Rs.64 and estimated average price is Rs.486.


Coconut oil is packed with nutrition and is used for health as well as beauty benefits. Hemani has different grades of coconut oil available, some is specifically for hair that stays in a liquid form in all the seasons due to being fractionated. The price of Hemani's coconut oil varies from quantity to quantity, but generally, the prices are in an affordable range.


Hemani is a personal care product brand that has oils, facial scrubs, teas, lotions and a lot more. The oil variety includes coconut oil, which is very often used for hair in Pakistan. It is also an apt kind of oil due to its molecule size which lets it easily get absorbed into the scalp.

Hemani Coconut Oil

The brand has various kinds of coconut oils, with one that is Sri Lankan as well. The other differences include options for oil that does not congeal in cold weather due to it being fractionated. This fractionation process lets one have various compositional options. Generally, coconut oil is an antioxidant and also works as an anti-inflammatory.

Coconut oil contains a lot of Vitamin E and is used on hair and for the skin as well. It increases skin elasticity and it can also help level out the pH of one's scalp to improve hair health, making it look shiny and bouncy.

In Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil is also used for oral hygiene in a technique called oil pulling. It is a way to rinse the mouth with oil and then spit it out.

Keep your bottle or container of Hemani coconut oil properly closed as it will go bad faster if it is able to oxidize with ease. This leads to the oil becoming rancid and not okay for use.


Hemani has coconut hair oil and virgin coconut oil as well. The Hemani Sri Lankan coconut oil is prepared as a food-grade oil that can be used in cooking.

The price of Hemani coconut oil depends on the quantity, although generally, it is available at affordable prices.

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 300ml Rs. 950
Hemani Coconut Hair Oil 200ml Rs. 304
Hemani Coconut Hair Oil 200ml Rs. 375
Hemani - Pack Of 3 Coconut Oil (2 - Blue 100Ml - … Rs. 530
Hemani Pure Coconut Oil 150Ml Rs. 575
Hemani Coconut Oil 30ml Rs. 290
Hemani Coconut Hair Oil (Blue) 200ml Rs. 305
Hemani Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 475ml Rs. 850
Hemani Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 475ml Rs. 1,050
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