Hemani Black Seed Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hemani Black Seed Oil in Pakistan is Rs.178 and estimated average price is Rs.563.


Hemani Black Seed Oil can be used for its many health benefits and to keep your skin and hair in good health as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for health

  • Great for skin and hair


Hemani Black Seed Oil comes from kalonji or as it is known, Nigella sativa. A very healthy seed that is widely consumed in many cultures and holds a special place in Islamic cultures.

People consume black seed oil daily in smaller amounts to help the immune system tackle issues such as asthma, inflammation, skin conditions, blood sugar, and cholesterol and to aid in weight loss. It is also known to protect brain health. A lot of these reasons are more a part of holistic health and come from ancient texts as well as anecdotal evidence.

If one uses Hemani Black Seed Oil for their hair it would make it luscious and beautiful. It even makes the hair soft and helps with growth via nutrition. Black seed oil contains vitamins A (retinoids), B (niacinamide), C (ascorbic acid), thymoquinone and minerals as well.

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Black Seed Oil 60ml Rs. 300
Hemani Black Seed Oil - 30ml Rs. 219
Hemani Black Seed Oil 40ml Rs. 575
Hemani Pack Of 2 Hair Oil 200Ml (Blackseed,Garlic) Rs. 675
Hemani Black Seed Hair Oil 100ml Rs. 178
Hemani All in 1 pack of 4 in price of 3 100ml (Ha… Rs. 660
Hemani Black Seeds Oil 100ml (TIn) Rs. 650
Hemani Black Seed Edible Oil 60ml Rs. 207
Hemani Herbal Black Seed Oil 40ml Rs. 389
Hemani Black Seed Hair Oil Rs. 308
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