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The Lowest price of Heart Rate Monitor Watches in Pakistan is Rs.790 and estimated average price is Rs.4,061.


A basic reading that can be used to keep an eye on one's health is the heart rate. Today there are a lot of smartwatches that can help one track this reading with ease. It can be logged for longer time periods as well so one can know more of how their heart functions are being affected over days, weeks, months and on. There are a lot of different models from many brands, which is why the prices vary. Some are cheap, while others are in a mid-range and others that are expensive. These watches can have a host of other functions as well aside from the heart rate monitor.


Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Tracking one's health can be a good way to ensure progress regarding your diet or workout, or even to keep an eye on your stress levels. The smartwatches with heart rate monitors make this task quite easy as that is one of the basic markers of health.

Many new models of smartwatches mostly have a heart rate monitor, one can set a notification for a certain value. If your heart rate is rising above that the device can inform you, this could be a reminder to take a breather to relax.

The accuracy of heart rate monitors in the various smartwatches can be different, the overall research at this point says they are able to measure up to 89% of the beats accurately. While a person is moving the accuracy drops. Errors range between 2.4% to 13.5%. Over time the accuracy shall increase as wearable technology, and technology in general become more efficient.

Designs & Brands

One can opt for shapes that are circular, band-like or based on a square. Most heart rate monitor watches are relatively slim and are similar to what a regular watch looks like. Some even have a bezel that can be used to scroll over icons and pages.

The top brand for wearables with health tracking systems is the FitBit. The others include Garmin, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Xiaomi Mi Band and many many more. The designs between brands also vary as some opt for the traditional look of a watch while others such as Apple opt for a more modern minimalist look.

Aside from the known brands, there are also a lot of unknown brands that produce smartwatches with heart rate monitors. The accuracy of these might be lesser compared to the better, known options.


Smartwatches that have heart rate monitors generally also have other health tracking features such as a sleep tracker, step counter and much more. This makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on your overall health. The prices vary a lot depending on the features, model and brand. One can find something in an affordable range and all the way up to expensive options.

Price List

Model Price
M4 Smart band 4 Fitness Tracker Watch Sport bracelet Heart … Rs. 790
New Style M4 Smart Band Wristband Blood Pressure/Heart Rate… Rs. 1,214
M5 Smart Fitness Band Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Bl… Rs. 995
D18 Smart Watch With Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure Heart R… Rs. 1,450
W26 Smart Watch 1.75 inch infinity display screen Full Touc… Rs. 3,600
K8 Smart Watch Full Screen With Rotating Key Heart Rate Mon… Rs. 9,499
HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch for Men Women, 1.4… Rs. 9,490
Latest Smart Watch N76 Series 7 44mm HD 1.75" Heart Rate Mo… Rs. 4,580
Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch with Alexa Built-In for Men W… Rs. 10,999
Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker Smart Wat… Rs. 844
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