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The Lowest price of Hdmi Extender in Pakistan is Rs.1,999 and estimated average price is Rs.5,007.


HDMI extenders make the distance between the source and display a lot longer or there are smaller ones that make it easy to access your TVs HDMI input. The price of HDMI extenders varies on what kind it is and also which brand made it. Customers can choose the one they are looking for and the one that fits their budget.


HDMI Extender

As the name of the device suggests, HDMI extenders are used to increase the distance between the device sending the signal and the display receiving it. Most longer cables are up to 15 feet, with some one can find a little more lenght too. But if you want to extend over a longer range, say about 300 feet, an HDMI extender is useful. This product comes in pairs and can be connected between them using an ethernet cable, meaning essentially it can be any distance you need it to be.

There are also smaller extenders that are used to make it easier to access the port on the back of your TV

The price of an HDMI extender depends on which kind it is and what brand it was made by. It can be anywhere from a lower point to a mid-range price. One can choose based on this and which sort of HDMI extender they require.

Price List

Model Price
TE HDMI Extender Transmitter TX/RX Adapter 30M RJ… Rs. 2,438
HDMI Extender 120 Meter High Speed Ethernet Cable Rs. 16,829
Black Copper HDMI Extender cat-5e/6 Cable Rs. 3,125
HDMI Extender by Cat - 6/6E Rs. 2,159
Technomate 4K PoE HDMI Extender Rs. 3,497
HDMI Cable Extender 4k RJ45 Ports 1080P HD Network Rs. 1,999
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