Happy Cow Cheese Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Happy Cow Cheese in Pakistan is Rs.330 and estimated average price is Rs.807.


A well-known brand of cheese, Happy Cow produces many different types of cheese and is more commonly found in the form of slices. The brand also produces easy to spread cream cheese. The variety from this brand is in the mid-ranges and would be considered expensive in comparison to locally produced processed cheese.


The Happy Cow brand

A cheese brand that originates from Austria and has a history of quality dating back to 1874, with this Happy Cow label being developed in 1981. The company behind it is Woerle, which was established by Johann Baptist Woerle who came up with the Purity Law that they still work by. The law states: "Connected to nature, committed to purity. For the love of good cheese.". The initial cheese type was Emmentaler, but over the years other types of cheese have been produced as well. 

The name Happy Cow was chosen as it is believed that cows that had a good pasture to feed on were happy and produced better milk, the key ingredient in cheese production. The better the milk is the better the cheese is. Over the years the brand has won many awards for their consistent quality.

Today Happy Cow cheese is available in many countries, if not most.

The Happy Cow cheese variety

The variety abroad is a bit more diverse. In Pakistan, one can find Happy Cow cheese slices, small triangles set inside a circular box or a cheese in a box.

The triangles and cheese inside a box are both form of cream cheese that is easy to spread onto your toast. The cheese slices from Happy Cow, however, have more variety as for the types. These include mozzarella, Emmentaler, Gouda, cheddar, and two others that are titled as Burger and Sandwich. Happy Cow also has low-fat cheese slices.


These products from the brand are what one would categorise as processed cheese, meaning it is produced in massive quantities with a consistency that requires human intervention to be maintained. The whey that is pressed out of cheese otherwise, is also left which is why these types are more smooth and supple. These types of cheeses are generally not considered to be healthy, but it is a matter of what level of consumption is taking place.

Happy Cow cheese is available for mid-range prices and would be considered expensive when compared to the local alternatives.

Price List

Model Price
Happy Cow Mozzarella Slice, 10-Pack, 200g Rs. 990
Happy Cow Toast Slice Cheese 200g Rs. 990
Happy Cow Cream Cheese Natural 150g Rs. 1,025
Happy Cow Burger Slice Cheese 200g Rs. 990
Happy Cow Sandwich Slice Cheese 200g Rs. 990
Happy Cow Cream Cheese, 8 Portion 140g Rs. 670
Happy Cow Light Cheese, 8 Portion 140g Rs. 700
Happy Cow Processed Cheese, 8 Portion 120g Rs. 610
Happy Cow Regular 10 Slices 200g Rs. 955
Happy Cow Light Processed Cheese, 10 Slices, 200g Rs. 990
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