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A device that lets one know how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Hanna Instruments produces a few different models of pH meters, one can choose the model that suits their needs. The prices of these devices are in the lower to mid ranges.


Hanna pH meter

Hanna Instruments is an American brand that produces a wide range of measurement instruments. The brand also has options for pH meters.

A pH meter is used to determine the level of acidity of a solution or how alkaline it is. There are different kinds of pH meters depending on the intended usage. Lab versions are larger and portable ones are built to be more compact. 

One needs a pH meter if they are going to figure out what the result of a chemical reaction will be. Information like this is critical for a lot of situations. For instance, it is used to check the soil for agriculture or check blood chemistry.

Like all pH meters, one from Hanna Instruments needs to be maintained. Part of this is keeping it clean so residue from different substances does not affect the results of another test and also it needs to be calibrated regularly. Hanna sends along an instruction manual for calibration so your device is in prime working condition.


Based on what your usage will be one can choose the correct pH meter from Hanna. The prices are in the lower to mid ranges. 

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