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Handmade crafts are mostly prefered for their unique designs and the effort put into them. While handmade hanging lights and lamp are sought after in Pakistan, they are also quite expensive, depending on the design and seller. They are available for temporary installations such as string lights or clip-on ceiling lamps and you can also buy the permanent ceiling fixture variety from our website. Check out handmade hanging lamps prices in Pakistan on this page and read o for more information.


Designs & Materials

People buy hanging lights and lamps for decorating their homes and offices or they buy them for festive occasions such as Diwali, Eid, Ramadan etc. The most common materials for handmade hanging lamps are cardboard and paper. More complex projects include wood, glass, plastic, metal and wrought iron.

The lamps can be battery operated or work on electricity like regular bulbs and lights. They can also hold candles, small oil lamps called "Diya" or a cluster of fairy lights. Some handmade options also include used tin cans and mason jars for curating hanging lamps. 

Macrame style hanging lamps or lanterns are quite common as they exude a vintage vibe and give an ethnic touch to the decor. Other handmade lamps for adding a rustic touch to the living space are a number of light fixtures attached to a solid block of wood hanging from the ceiling over the dining table or kitchen counter.

Handmade Hanging Lamps Sale

Keep visiting this page for exclusive discounts and sale offerings on handmade hanging lights and lamps. We have a large number of trusted online sellers on our website. 

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