Hand Mixers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hand Mixers in Pakistan is Rs.1,400 and estimated average price is Rs.6,069.


A kitchen tool that helps with some repetitive tasks, saving you time. Hand mixers come from many brands, generally the prices are affordable.


One of the simplest uses of a hand mixer is to whisk an egg. It can be used to mix sauces, cake batter, cookie dough and more. Hand mixers can also be used to churn butter.

These are the kinds of tasks that otherwise take a lot of effort and time, with a hand mixer you can speed it up and save yourself the hassle. These mixers come with different speed settings as different tasks need a different level to achieve the right result.

There are a lot of brands that produce hand mixers, the general workings and designs are the same. The major difference is what brand you perhaps prefer or what your budger it.

Generally the prices of hand mixers are in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
West Point Deluxe Hand Mixer, WF-9803 Rs. 5,900
Kenwood Hand Mixer HM330 Rs. 6,000
Aardee Hand Mixer ARHM 200 Rs. 7,650
West Point Deluxe Hand Blender, 2-Speed, 400W, WF… Rs. 5,200
West Point Deluxe Hand Blender, Mixer + Whipper, … Rs. 6,900
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5205 M Rs. 9,700
Moulinex Quick Mix Hand Mixer, 5-Speed, 300W, HM3… Rs. 7,500
West Point Deluxe Hand Blender, 800W, WF-9914 Rs. 6,350
Nikai Hand Mixer, 200W, NH481 Rs. 6,200
West Point Deluxe Hand Mixer, 5-Speed, 300W, WF-9… Rs. 6,000
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