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The Lowest price of Hammer Of Thor in Pakistan is Rs.199 and estimated average price is Rs.478.


A product designed for men, increasing stamina and performance. Based on natural ingredients, making it safer than allopathic fixes. Not completely without side effects, certain individuals may not respond well to the ingredients. Generally though, such cases are few. Competitively priced making it accessible.

Pros & Cons


  • Increased stamina

  • Increased potency


  • Possible dizziness

  • Possible increase in heart rate

  • Possible headaches


The hammer 

A supplement designed for men, helping stamina and virility. Hammer of Thor is made from natural extracts of mumiyo, barrenwort and longjack. Barrenwort and longjack are plants, mumiyo is a tar-like substance that is found in some of the mountainous areas of Eurasia.  It has been used by ancient cultures and is still in use today. The reason Hammer of Thor works is not just because these extracts are for this purpose, the ingredients are a boost to health thus also affecting stamina. The components work by increasing blood flow, the way by which nutrition is moved around the body. More blood flow increases nutrition which leads to better potency. Aside from the mentioned ingredients, there is also maca and ginseng root in the mix.

Dosage and possible side effects

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule per day and not more than 2 of people over 18. As with all medicine, it is to be kept out of the reach of children. Even though the substances used in making Hammer of Thor are extracted from natural sources it can have some side effects, due to the fact that it is similar to taking an energy booster. The body could feel a little jittery. The boost can cause dizziness, a racing heart or palpitations. This could cause headaches as well. If any such reaction is noticed please change the dosage or visit a general physician if the issue persists or escalates.

Hammer of Thor is a competitively priced product.

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