Hair Styling Wax Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hair Styling Wax in Pakistan is Rs.149 and estimated average price is Rs.705.


A product that is used to style one's hair. Hair wax is available from many brands, with options for strength variation, different finishes and possibly colour as well. One can choose based on what style they want their hair to be and the budget they have in mind. The price of hair wax is generally in affordable ranges.


Hair Wax

A thick hair styling product that contains wax. Different brands use different kinds of wax and other ingredients to create various kinds of finishes. This form of hair styling products has been in use for a very long time, centuries before gel was part of the hairstyling product segment.

In comparison to gel hair wax also remains pliable for longer and has fewer harmful chemicals, though the latter bit does depend on the specific type of course. Due to these two reasons it has grown in popularity over the past few years and is sold under various names such as pomade, putty, moulding gum or styling paste. 

Brands also spend time to develop subtle scents for their hair wax so the product has more than just a look, adding more nice smells to your person.

More about hair wax

Hair wax needs to be applied in moderation as it can make hair look greasy. It is also usually insoluble in water which means it can be harder to wash out, one needs to properly wash their hair to get it out. Washing it out with warm water would help some as that would make wax less viscous.

Gel is generally used for more spiky or hard set hair, hair wax on the other hand has a more natural feel to it. One can also find wax with different finishes, meaning there are options for some more matt options as well. Another advantage of hair wax is that it can be used for more varied lengths of hair.

For a more funky look, you can also find hair wax that has colour or shimmer added into it, this allows you to change the colour of your hair for the night out.

Summer and winter hair wax application varies, so one may need to adjust based on how the temperature is affecting their hairstyle.


Aside from the finish, one can also choose between levels of strength, depending on what style you are trying to make.

The price of hair wax is generally in the lower ranges, with some brands that may cost a bit more. The known hair wax brands include Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, DAX and Gatsby.

Price List

Model Price
Wax Stick Rs. 149
Gatsby Spiky Stand Up Power & Spikes Styling Hair Wax, 75gm Rs. 385
Schwarzkpf Glatt Styling Straightener 0 82ml Rs. 1,095
Loreal Studio Architect Styling Wax 75ml Rs. 750
Gatsby Styling Wax (Emo Style) 75gm Rs. 395
Suave Kids Star Wars Tropical Strom Styling Gel 198g Rs. 690
Suavecito - Temporary Hair Clay Wax Rs. 410
Wella Pro Series Repair & Style Styling Fluid150 ml Rs. 210
Lolane Head Up Pomade Hair Styling Strong Hold (Black) 75g Rs. 635
Gatsby British Layered Hard & Free Styling Wax, 75gm Rs. 385
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