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Hair Oil For Men Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hair Oil For Men in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.504.


Men use many different oils for their hair. This could essentially be any oil extracted from a herb, seed or nut. The effects of various oils affect different people in different ways. One may have to figure out which oil works for them. The price of hair oil for men depends on which oil they choose to purchase, prices range from the lower end all the way to the top.


Hair Oil For Men

If one is looking to improve the health of their hair there are many different oils one can opt for. Each oil from nature has its own benefits. There is a very long list of possible hair oils that men can use to improve promote hair growth and health. This includes olive, almond, coconut, taramira, mustard, flaxseed, amla oil and more. 

People sometimes make a mix of these various oils so the positive aspects from each are available to their hair. For this purpose, some brands produce premade mixes, such as Mojo Hair Oil.


There is no one oil that works for everyone as physiology is a huge factor. So say someone benefits from mustard oil while someone else's hair responds more to coconut oil. A large part of this is figured by trial and error. One can take turns to check, or make a mix to start off with.

In case one is allergic to a certain kind of dry fruit, the oil from that dry fruit can also cause a similar anaphylactic reaction.

The price of hair oil for men varies based on the specific oil. For instance, almond oil is quite expensive while olive oil is not.

Price List

Model Price
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Body, Hair &… Rs. 750
L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Long Straight 72Hrs St… Rs. 599
Professional Beard Oil Strong + Professional Bear… Rs. 999
Vitamin E Oil - For Skin - For Hair - 25 ml Rs. 500
Haneen Herbal Hair Oil (200ml) for hair regrowth,… Rs. 850
( BEST SELLING ) Natural BEARD Oil - Professional… Rs. 249
DR.RASHEL Men Beard Hair Growth Oil 50 ml DRL-1409 Rs. 659
Disaar Natural Ginger Hair Care For Men And Women… Rs. 449
Long Hair Oil for Men and Women Rs. 900
Hair Growth Oil for Women's 60ML Hair Care Oil Rs. 420
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