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The Lowest price of Hair Mask in Pakistan is Rs.125 and estimated average price is Rs.1,376.


The constant sun exposure, pollution and heat drying wet hair using blow dryers, straighteners and curlers leave the hair badly damaged, coarse and dull. By using a hair mask enriched with essential oils the damage can be reversed restoring hair to a soft, shiny and healthy condition.


The conditioning and moisturising formula of a hair mask have Almond and Coconut oil is known for repairing and strengthening the hair from its root to tip. If your hair is damaged, dry and limp due to split ends try using a hair mask twice a week with keratin and silk proteins to revive dead ends and restore the natural volume of the hair. The Arganmidas Hair Mask has pure Moroccan Argan Oil that helps detangle heavy and coarse hair while nourishing it with fatty acids and keratin. Using a hair mask can protect the hair from further damage as it creates a moisturising protective layer that stores essential nutrients for the scalp and hair strands. Hair mask formula has a high content of fatty acids with Linoleic Acid that is commonly known as Omega 6 and Omega 9 that are rich in antioxidants known for their repairing properties. The combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin F in the Yogi Care Argan Therapy Hair Mask along with Argan Oil can restore the vitality of the hair. The hair mask has Uarguan Therapy which uses pure argan oil that restores the hair's radiance and promotes blood circulation.  

Men and women who use hair colour products regularly eventually damage their hair with chemicals that turns the hair frizzy and dry. By using a hair mask the hair colour can be protected and help prolong hair colour results. The Bremod Sun Light Nourishing Hair Mask is one of the largest tubs of hair masks in the market and can last for several months. It is a complete hair treatment made from extracts of plants that contain rich collagen and CMC active agents that hydrate and moisturise the hair. The hair mask will reverse hair damage by softening and straightening hair. The hair mask is used after shampooing and has a gorgeous fragrance that will leave you feeling relaxed.  Freecia Professional Almond Oil Therapy Hair Mask has sweet almond oil that is crucial for repairing scalp health and prevents hair breakage by strengthening the hair. Shampoo the hair and towel dry before applying the hair mask. Spread the hair mask all over the scalp and hair and cover the hair with a shower cap for 15 minutes before rinsing out the product. Ogx Extra Strength Damage Remedy Coconut Hair Mask specialises in restoring silky and smooth hair texture using Coconut oil, the essence of Tiare and vanilla bean extract. The beautiful fragrance of the Ogx Extra Strength will instantly transport you to a tropical island feeling fresh and relaxed. 

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Freesia Professional Hair Mask Sweet Almond Oil Therapy 20ml Rs. 125
Oriflame-HairX Advanced Care Ultimate Repair Nourishing Hai… Rs. 1,279
Intensive Care Therapy Aloe Vera Hair Mask Rs. 990
Oriflame-ELEO Hair Mask, 125ml Rs. 1,746
Xhc - Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask 220Ml Rs. 1,611
Naturistic Hair Mask 120ml Rs. 700
Xpel Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask 220ml Rs. 1,192
Ogx Hydrate & Repair + Argan Oil Of Marocco Hair Mask 168G Rs. 2,939
Yogi Care Argan Therapy Hair Mask 300Ml Rs. 2,527
Oriflame-HairX Advanced Care Colour Reviver Caring Hair Mas… Rs. 1,600
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