Hair Fiber Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hair Fiber in Pakistan is Rs.230 and estimated average price is Rs.1,738.


Hair fiber is a hair loss concealer that is a temporary solution to your visible bald patches in the scalp. Crafted from natural plant fibers, most of these fibers products contain safe ingredients that pose little to no threat to the skin and existing hair. However, some brands may contain artificial colours, fillers, and preservatives, reducing the safety profile of these products. You can easily buy Hair fiber spray and hair fiber powders online by multiple brands on our page. Check out hair fiber prices in Pakistan and read on to know more about the product.


Best Hair Fiber Brands in Pakistan

There are numerous hair fiber brands in Pakistan but the best ones are only a handful that have been tested and tried by Youtube influencers and hairstylists. According to experts, Toppik, Samson, CUVVA, Caboki, Strand Maximizers, XFusion, Finally Hair, Perfect Hair and Hair Illusion are some of the best hair fiber brands in Pakistan right now. 

Hair Fiber Uses & Side Effects

Most of the fiber brands use natural ingredients in their products that help immediately conceal the bald areas on the scalp. This gives a temporary illusion of a natural full head with no thinning or bald patches. The illusion stays intact even if the user goes out in the rain and wind or perspires. The most commonly reported side effects of these fibers include scalp irritation and itching. Some low-quality products also flake off under extreme heat or sweating.

Tips & Comments

It is important that you do not use hair fibers every day if you have a sensitive and prone to irritation scalp. Also, look for the brands that offer Keratin fibers that don't clog pores or irritate your skin. When used with fiber lock sprays, the fibers can stay on the hair for even longer duration and won't come off on your clothes etc. If you plan on using fibers everyday it is important that you wash them out with shampoo every night to avoid scalp irritation or reaction.

It is important to note that most fibers will wash off under heavy rain or while you swim, so avoid these activities for the longevity of the fibers. To save the product, use a makeup brush to distribute the fibers evenly throughout the scalp. Avoid sprinkling as it results in product wastage.

Price List

Model Price
King Hair Fiber Hairline Optimizer, King hairline comb Rs. 230
OGX Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Big Hair Spray 8oz 267 Rs. 2,425
Hair Building Fibers 25g - Black Rs. 1,116
Loreal Professional Pro Fiber Restore Hair Serum 150ml Rs. 1,650
Toppik Hair Fibers Dark Brown 12/12G Sb Rs. 5,060
L'ORÉAL Professional Pro Fiber Revive Serum Rs. 2,500
Reuzel Fiber Pomade - 113G Rs. 4,500
Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 27.5g Rs. 2,999
Caboki Caboki Hair Fiber 25g Dark Brown Pack of 4 Rs. 2,795
Toppik Hair Building Fiber Black 27g Rs. 2,499
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