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Hair Curler Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Hair Curler in Pakistan is Rs.250 and estimated average price is Rs.3,969.


Wedding season in Pakistan means busy salons and beauty parlours, in order t avoid these hectic situations ladies prefer to style their own hair at home. There are lots of women who style their hair every day and can not afford to waste time on tediously long hair styling routines and prefer to use styling devices that save time and energy. The best way to achieve professional-looking waves and curls from the comfort of your own home is to buy a curling iron.


Curling Iron vs Hair Curler 

There are traditional curling irons that do not have an automatic power regulating system that ensures the iron doesn't overheat. The modern hair curlers have entirely replaced the conventional curling irons that literally was just a hot rod that easily burned fingers and had not precision control mechanism. Automatic hair curlers are faster and effective while being safe for your skin and hair. The special design ensures that minimum heat damage occurs while using the device saving you time and energy.

Hair Curler Body & System

The ceramic or tourmaline material is safe from overheating making it a great choice for hair styling. The dependable auto-shutoff is paired with a customizable temperature control system that allows the user to change the heat levels according to personal hair textural and thickness. The device can heat up in less than 30 seconds making it easy to start styling as soon as you are our of the shower.

Some advanced hair curlers have built-in motors that can auto-wrap hair strands around the ceramic rod creating heavy sealed curls in seconds. Others have special anti-scald nylon bristles that untangle the hair as you curl. They make it super easy to operate the hair curler without any propr expertise or practice. The ceramic tourmaline rod releases negative ions as you curl that help tame frizz and seal in moisture to ensure long-lasting curls. The best part is there is little to none static while using the curler because of the negative ions.

Rotating Mechanism

Traditional curling irons did not have any two-way rotating systems that helped create soft curls. For those looking for loose curls, the rotation helps give more control over the kind of curls you can achieve. The added brush makes the hair smooth while styling. The brush attachment has a four heat setting as well making it easier to create a variety of curls with one device. 

Advanced Features

There are some hair curlers that have an added steaming function while styling. Using pure distilled water in the tank, it can help improve the texture of the hair while curling by smoothing out unwanted frizz from the hair. There is a curl chamber that wraps the hair strand into the rod and released it after eight to twelve seconds. Some hair curlers use clips to keep the hair in place this can be very difficult to handle as releasing the hair can lead to tangling and painful pulling of hair strands. The newer modern hair curlers avoid hair clips and use a titanium hair barrel instead which has the same negative ionic release that makes the hair shiny and smooth. 

Popular Brands

BaByliss is a leading name in the hairstyling industry with advanced hair curlers with titanium hair chambers and 60-second auto-shutoff power systems that make them long-lasting and dependable.  

Price List

Model Price
Remington Silk Curling Wand Hair Curler CI-96W1 Rs. 10,800
Philips Stylecare Essential Ceramic Hair Curler, … Rs. 5,500
Remington Curl Create Wand Styler Hair Curler, CI… Rs. 9,800
Hair Curler Rs. 8,999
Professional Straightener and Curler with NV Hair… Rs. 1,675
Shinon - Hair Curler Stylers - Maximum Temperatur… Rs. 1,250
Nova 2 In 1 Hair Straightener & Curler Rs. 849
2 In 1 Hair Styler With Electric Brush And Hair C… Rs. 1,899
2 in 1 - Hair Straightener & Curler Rs. 1,499
Automatic Hair Curler Spin Curling Wand 360 Degre… Rs. 2,499
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