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Haier Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

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Haier, the Chinese multinational company that manufactures consumer electronics and home appliances, is one of the biggest companies in Pakistan in terms of generating sales and revenues. The company mainly produces refrigerators, air conditioning units, washing machines and kitchen appliances at an affordable price. Haier washing machines include Top Loading Fully Automatic Machine, Front Loading Fully Automatic, Semi-automatic, Washer and Spinners. Haier washing machines are integrated with innovative technologies, great engineering and tasteful designs, gaining worldwide admiration and acclaim. With innovative features like the "Auto Foam Inspection", the Haier washing machines are capable of vacuum cleaning the fabric to remove all traces of foam. This eliminates the risk of triggering susceptibilities in people who are prone to soap allergies.

Equipped with a highly efficient and strong motor, the Haier washing machine is fully capable of powerful rotation of clothes, ensuring high durability and efficiency to take a heavy load. The fully automatic range of Haier washing machines is integrated with the "Set and Forget" feature that lets you load the machine with the washable items, set the wash cycle and forget about it. The Haier washing machine will take care of the rest to give you sparkling clean clothes, at the same time leaving you with a lot of free time to enjoy activities you like the most. With the frequent power outages in Pakistan, it is very likely that the wash cycle gets disrupted due to a sudden power cut. Other washing machines need to be reset every time there is a disruption. The Haier washing machine won't need that, as it resumes the wash cycle from exactly the point where it was interrupted. This makes for a very useful feature as it allows you to even go shopping without worrying about restarting the wash cycle yourself. Another useful aspect of Haier washing machines is the rat mesh and Bubble wash feature. The rat mesh prevents mice from entering the machine and damage wires while the bubble wash feature paired with the strong motor ensures excellent and thorough cleaning of fabrics.