Haier Microwave Ovens Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Haier Microwave Ovens in Pakistan is Rs.9,599 and estimated average price is Rs.24,673.


Haier microwave ovens are the highlight of the brand and are available at affordable prices in Pakistan. The Smart range is amongst the hottest selling microwaves by Haier.


Haier microwave ovens are available in three variants; the Elegant Series, Red Ribbon Series and Mirror Series and they come in three categories; Solo, Convection and Grill.

1. Solo Microwave

Solo microwaves provide the basic functionalities of a food warmer by uniformly heating the food. It also serves cooking, reheating and defrosting functions.

2. Grill Microwave

The Grill microwaves feature the auto-defrost function that allows for defrosting meat and poultry without pre-cooking them. They also offer the Combi-cooking feature that allows for simultaneous Cooking and Browning, Cooking and baking as well as Browning and Baking. Quartz Grill installed in these appliances delivers an ideal and uniform grilling environment that allows you to cook foods such as pizzas, cheese on toast, sausages etc 

3. Convection Microwave

Convection microwaves are equipped with over 100 preset mouth-watering recipes that let you cook delicious food with just a press of a button. These microwaves are an excellent choice for people who are fond of baking and cooking. Convection Haier microwaves perform browning and backing simultaneously while also allowing for crisping of foods such as chicken wings, french fries etc. You can also keep your snacks or food warm in Haier microwave ovens for 90 minutes without having to reheat it again before serving. The food remains fresh and warm, allowing you to serve oven-hot food to your family or guests at a party while being able to spend quality time with them, without the hassles of reheating the food again and again. 

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Price List

Model Price
Haier HMN-20MXP6 Microwave Oven 20L Rs. 16,400
Haier 30L/Solo/HDL-30MX80(Large Capacity+Alarm Si… Rs. 21,383
Haier 25L/Solo/HDL-25MXP60(Mechanical Rotary Cont… Rs. 18,314
Haier 36L/Red Ribbon Series/Grill/HMN-36100EGB(De… Rs. 27,719
Haier 45L/Red Ribbon Series/Grill/HMN-45110EGB(De… Rs. 31,679
Haier HMN-45110EGB Red Ribbon Series Microwave Ov… Rs. 25,600
Haier Micro Wave Oven - HDL-32200EGD Rs. 28,000
Haier Solo Microwave Oven 30Ltr Black (HDL-30MX80) Rs. 20,554
Haier Microwave Oven - HMN-25NG24 New (Black Gril… Rs. 35,560
Haier Microwave Oven 25Ltr (HGN-2590EGM) Rs. 26,454
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