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Haier LED TV Price in Pakistan

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Founded in Qingdao, China in 1984, the Haier Group started off as a small refrigerator factory that saw rapid expansion over the years. Haier Group entered into the colour television industry in 1997 when it bought Huangshan Electronics Group and opened its first American factory in 1999. Today, the company offers a full range of home appliances and is recognized amongst the leading home appliance and consumer electronics companies in the world. Currently, Haier offers a wide range of LED, HDTV/DVD combo and Smart LEDs. The Haier LED TVs are feature-packed yet affordable, making them extremely popular amongst people who want all the features of a higher-end brand squeezed into a tv with a much lower price.  

The simple LEDs by Haier offer the complete features of an advanced LED of higher-end brands but the highlight of the company is their 4K Smart LED TVs. 4K refers to a picture resolution that is four times more than a 1080p HDTV. It enables upscaling of all of your current content to near-Ultra HD quality and allows for a viewing experience packed with immense detail. Running on Android 6 Operating System, the 4K Haier LED TVs let you download unlimited apps and at the same time delivering a high-quality picture and sound. The Smart Share feature of Haier LED TVs enables fast and easy digital content sharing with certified devices. The 4K Haier LED TVs are equipped with WIFI functionality that turns your smart TV into an interactive fusion of music, friends and movies. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows for massive download and upload of digital content as well as enabling you to connect to a wide range of apps that offer movie streaming, music and entertainment. With an additional wireless keyboard and mouse, you can enhance your digital product user experience. 

Another important feature in 4K Haier LED TVs is the Auto Volume Leveller. This blessing of a feature controls the irksome volume fluctuations that suddenly occur while breezing between channels or when a commercial break pops up. The auto volume leveller lets you enjoy watching your TV without having to manually control volume variations, saving you the trouble of soothing a crying child by preventing them from getting startled because of the sudden increase in the volume. The 4K Haier LED TVs come with Multi HDMI Connections and USB ports making it super easy and convenient to connect all your entertainment gadgets to your TV and enjoy watching their content on your big screen.