Haier Inverter Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Haier Inverter Deep Freezer in Pakistan is Rs.47,499 and estimated average price is Rs.58,093.


The Haier Inverter Deep Freezer has a two-door design in a Chest Freezer format which makes it easier to locate and store food items. Built with inverter technology that saves electricity by controlling the speed at which the compressor operates. It will automatically change the power consumption of the compressor by increasing and decreasing speeds to maintain the optimum temperature inside the freezer.


Key Features

All Haier Inverter Deep Freezers have advanced balance cooling settings that ensure the environment inside is at optimum refrigeration at all times. They have a voltage range of 105V - 260V with a Super Freeze Function that rapidly creates ice and cools down for items. The minimum temperature is minus 28°C. The freezer will be able to maintain a cool temperature even during load shedding with its strong gasket lining around the doors. The thermostat is adjustable making it easy to set it to defrosting and refrigeration. The largest inverter deep freezer capacity is 545 ltr and the smallest is 325 ltr. There are copper evaporators on 5 sides of the deep freezer creating a reliable and efficient cooling environment.

Price List

Model Price
Haier HDF-245INV Inverter Deep Freezer Rs. 47,499
Haier Inverter Deep Freezer 325IM Rs. 58,500
Haier HDF-385I (Inverter) Double Door Deep Freezer Rs. 62,500
Haier HDF-325IM Inverter Deep Freezer Rs. 59,559
Haier HDF-405IM ( Inverter) Deep Freezer Rs. 63,349
Haier HDF-245 IM Metallic Single Door INVERTER Deep Freezer Rs. 47,899
HAIER Deep Freezer HDF-545 Double Door INVERTER Rs. 68,500
Haier Hdf-385I – Double Door Inverter Deep Freezer Rs. 56,999
Haier Inverter Refrigerator HDF-405 Chest Freezer Rs. 51,500
Haier 325I Inverter Deep Freezer Rs. 56,500
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