Habitt Furniture Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Habitt Furniture in Pakistan is Rs.1,352 and estimated average price is Rs.101,408.


Habit furniture is of high quality and luxurious with stylish designs at competitive prices. The success of Habitt is because it has an eye for creating stylish, unique and modern designs keeping in mind the urban city dwellers of Pakistan.


Their bedroom collection has antique to minimal dressers and chests of drawers. The geometric and colourful organisers, stools, bedframes and side tables are lowrise, clutter-free and simple in their design. Moving away from floral and victorian heavy frames, the Habitt design philosophy adopts more Central Asian and East Asian aesthetics along with fusing our local culture and craftsmanship.

Outdoor Living

The different sofa sets and chair table sets for outdoors are great for winter and spring seasons. With the right bonfire during the cold and a breezy afternoon during the spring can make spending time outdoors memorable and fun. The advanced BBQ grills available at Habitt are great for cookouts and gatherings at home. There are Lobby and Hallway consoles and various functional hooks to help create the perfect entrance to the home.

Kids Room

The miniature kid's furniture is ideal for young children learning to sleep on their own, there are cute cartoon themes, fun playful colour sets that are used to create the bed frame and side tables. There are fun lamps and other chests of drawers that will help the child transition into sleeping independently. There are mini wardrobes and closets available in pastel and soft shades that will easily blend into your kid's room.

Home Decor

There are unique bed sets with lower height designs and step boards that feel contemporary and minimal. Staying away from elaborate victorian designs with too much velvet, quilting and over the top headboards, Habitt offers space-saving furniture for the modern family. The Living Room is a shared space commonly designed as an entertainment room in Pakistani homes along with hosting guests and enjoying time together in the home. The consoles available at Habitt are designed with the idea of creating the perfect feature wall with plenty of storage space for gaming consoles, sound systems and books. These classic pieces will not go out of style as they use simple colour schemes with unique finishing textures that add personality to the furniture.

The wide collection of wooden, metal and unique modern clocks and vases can be bought to decorate the home or office. The beautiful artificial flowers and aromatic incense packs are great to liven up space at home. To keep updating your home, adding colour and variety, Habitt offers fun home decoration pieces of all kinds to its customers.

Price List

Model Price
Filo Grey Paper Organizer Rs. 1,352
Osborne Sofa HLD-24 Rs. 49,000
Vincent Bed with side tables Rs. 45,000
TUBO workstation Rs. 17,765
Space Saving Table Rs. 16,915
Novak X Dresser Small Rs. 35,000
Corner Table Rs. 6,715
Kent Sofa Rs. 199,000
Portable Work Station Rs. 16,065
Wall Rack (Small Shelf) Rs. 2,040
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