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The Lowest price of Guitars in Pakistan is Rs.100 and estimated average price is Rs.10,214.


Buying a guitar can be very confusing as there are so many options to choose from. The really good ones come with hefty price tags and are way beyond the average Pakistani individual's purchasing power, such as the Yamaha Electric SG1820A Guitar. Cheaper options include Yamaha Acoustic C40/02 and Yamaha JR1 that are being sold at affordable prices in Pakistan. Even more economical options are Forbes Store, Zivix Jamstik, Hofner, Aria Pro or Chinese brands. Check out guitar prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for the best beginner and advanced level guitars you can buy on our website.



They come in Acoustic and Electric options. There are three basic types of acoustic guitars; the Classic, Steel String acoustic and the Archtop. 

Buying Process

Before buying, decide on the type you want to buy, whether acoustic or an electric. Then decide on the shape and style that fits your needs. Narrow down your options further by selecting the items that match your budget.

For Beginners

If you are a beginner, the best option is to go for a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar as it will give you a better understanding of notes. The best beginner guitars are Cordoba C5, Yamaha CG172SF, Yamaha NTX700 and Taylor Academy 12e-N.

Advanced Level

For people looking for a more advanced level instrument, the best bet would be a second hand branded option, such as Yamaha F3-10 that will serve the purpose and also won't cost you a fortune. If budget isn't an issue, opt for Yamaha RevStar RS420 Electric Guitar, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar or Jackson JS32T Rhoads.

A Little History

Along with the many things the Ancient Egyptians contributed to the world, the guitar is significantly one of the most prominent inventions. The ancestor of the modern guitar was a triangular-shaped string instrument known as the Kitara. The Arabs invented this instrument and brought it to Spain while invading the Iberian peninsula. From then on, the instrument saw many evolutions and came to be mistakenly known as a Spanish invention. Though with all the facts pointing towards Egypt being its inventor, the origin is still disputed. Today, the guitar is the second most popular musical instrument after the piano and is loved and played passionately by people all over the world.

Price List

Model Price
Guitar Pick (one Pick) By Alice For Electric And Acoustic G… Rs. 100
Guitar Rs. 2,295
Multicolor Guitar Toys Rs. 2,430
Guitar Toys L.O.L Rs. 846
Star Guitar Rs. 2,475
Polyweb Electric Guitar Strings 12050 - Multicolor Rs. 4,700
Adjustable Guitar Shoulder Strap Boxed Design - Red & Black Rs. 1,200
Guitar Strap - Black Rs. 500
Guitar Link USB Audio Cable Interface Rs. 4,550
EXL115 - Nickel Blues/Jazz Electric Guitar Strings Rs. 1,800
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