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The Lowest price of Gucci Oud in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.27,426.


Gucci has a lot of fragrance options. Among them is a unisex fragrance that makes use of oud as its most basic layer. The Gucci Oud mix includes some fruits and floral hints as well. An intense smelling scent with a great deal of sillage. Available at a high-end price.


A brand that has a high level of recognition in the market, the Gucci name is known the world over. There are a lot of products in their catalogue, include a lot of successful fragrance lines. This includes Gucci Oud. There was a time that oud was being used a lot more by many of the famous brands, this saw Gucci create a fragrance based on oud as well.

Gucci Oud

A full-bodied unisex fragrance from Gucci. Also known as Gucci Amber, due to the colour of the bottle. Released in 2014, an era that saw many international brands take up the use of oud (agarwood). Aside from that complex substance; Gucci Oud includes some fruity fresh accents belonging to pear, sweet raspberry and saffron. The heart notes are created using orange blossom and Bulgarian rose. The base layer is a melody of warm scents including oud, earthy patchouli, amber and musk. 

The oud sourced for this fragrance is from Laos and is 100% natural, which is hard to find. Oud is one of the most expensive essential oils mostly due to the fact that it is scarce in nature to begin with. 70kg of wood contains 20ml of the oil. There are alternatives to creating more, but those require humans to intervene.


Their perfume range has varied prices, generally belonging to a higher price point. Gucci Oud is specifically expensive due to the oud included in it. 

Price List

Model Price
Gucci Oud (simple) - Attar (roll On Perfume Oil) - ( Long L… Rs. 299
Gucci Oud Intense Men Edp 90Ml Rs. 30,000
Gucci Guilty Oud Man EDP 90ml Rs. 38,306
Gucci Intense Oud Edp For Unisex 90ml Rs. 41,469
Gucci Oud Intense EDP 90ml Rs. 51,331
Gucci Intense Oud EDP 90ml Rs. 35,900
GUCCI Intense Oud For Men - 90ml Rs. 22,970
Gucci Oud Intense Men Edp 90ml Rs. 28,200
Gucci Intense Oud Eau De Parfum Unisex, 90ml Rs. 32,500
Gucci Guilty Oud Eau De Parfum 90ml Rs. 25,900
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