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Gucci is famous for its belts, especially with the double G logo. Made from fine quality materials the Gucci belt range is from a more expensive price point. With a range of various options for everyone to pick something from.


There are a few fashion houses that started as leather goods brands, Gucci is among them. This gives them an edge with making items such as belts and they make sure to show their expertise. Gucci belts are really well made with a high-level finish.

Gucci belts

Belts are one of the original Gucci products, given they were in the leather business. The horseshoe buckle from the past had its origin with the brand making equestrian influenced leather goods. In the 2000s the Gucci belt with the double Gs was a hit, even in Pakistan many people were wearing it. Oddly the world over it became the signature of 'upstarts'. Today the status has shifted again and it isn't considered to have as negative a connotation attached to it.

Gucci makes belts for men and women, the design elements are usually similar. The difference is more in the width of the belt strap and the buckles. Lots of feline faces, horseshoes, horse bits and bees are a part of the elements they use. The interlocking pattern made from their double Gs is also often printed onto their belts.


Gucci uses top of the shelf material for their belts. The leather is fine and the buckles are very well made. The belts are available in different colour schemes, giving one a lot more options to pick from.

Given Gucci is one of the most famous brands in the world, their belts like most of their other products are expensive. The quality is worth the money,