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Gucci is a high-end fashion brand that also produces many options for fragrances, Gucci Bamboo is one of their perfumes for women. It is a warm floral scent, with a fresh hint as well. An intense smell that is graceful too. The price of this perfume is relatively high.


Gucci started out as a leather goods brand, with the later years bringing in Tom Ford as the head. This change was what moved Gucci into the new era as a top brand. Among the many products, one also finds perfumes and colognes, of which a lot are market successes.

Gucci Bamboo is a perfume from the brand that is a strong scent, it has warm floral notes with a bit of freshness to it.

Gucci Bamboo

The name of this perfume is in line with a pre-existing fashion line at Gucci. The lid has incorporated a bamboo stem into it, similar to how the fashion line uses it. For the bottle the style is art-deco.

The scent itself has a fresh opening that comes from the top note of bergamot. The centre is where the floral accords reside, with ylang-ylang as the champion, accompanied by Casablanca lily and orange blossom. The base is home to the warmth that this also crucial to Gucci Bamboo, creating a well-balanced space for the lighter notes to float in. At the base, one finds sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and amber.

Overall Gucci Bamboo is more often a daily use perfume than something one wears for special occasions, but this is entirely up to one when they feel like wearing it.

The tones also suggest more usage for the daytime and non-winter seasons.


The price of Gucci Bamboo, like many other Gucci products, is high when one considers the local market.