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The Lowest price of Guard Rice in Pakistan is Rs.195 and estimated average price is Rs.907.


Guard Rice is one of the most known local producers of rice in Pakistan. They have multiple qualities and strains of rice so everyone can choose something they either like or can afford. The prices are competitive in all categories.


Guard Rice

A brand that belongs to the Guard Group of Industries. Their agro segment was launched in 1989 and this is the first private brand that had its own rice R&D facility. Today there are five divisions R&D, Crop Agronomy, Food, Seed and Agriculture Machinery. This allows Guard to formulate better ways to produce their rice and to maintain quality over time.

Varieties of Guard Rice

The Guard Rice brand has multiple kinds of rice one can choose from. The choice depends on what one is looking for for their kitchen. Starting at Ultimate Basmati Rice which is their prime label. This rice is natures longest Basmati rice and is set apart by its quality, superb taste and great aroma. This rice of theirs is steamed, this process helps the starch change and eventually leads to the rice cooking more firm and less sticky than regular rice.

Next is Supreme Basmati which was bread after years of research by Guard. This variety is aged for two years so it has the unique aroma of Basmati. Guard's Easy Cook Sella is another one of their products that is pre-steamed so it cooks fluffy and as separate grains. Sella rice is generally longer, and in Pakistan is more commonly used in the KPK region. Guard also has a Brown Rice option, this works well for people who are looking for healthier options. Guard Brown Rice is high in iron and dietary fibre, but low in sodium.

Aside from these Guard has two varieties that cater to a more budget-conscious market, Guard Tibar Basmati and Guard Awami. Tibar Basmati is aimed at catering businesses, restaurants and hotels. It is a rice blend, this makes up for the price reduction. Guard Awami is also a similar item, a blended rice bag. This, though, is geared for households to use for their daily cooking. Guard also sells their broken rice under the Tukra title.

Longrain Rice is a brand that is non-Basmati, but is top quality outside that bracket. The remaining two kinds are just different grains of Basmati known as Super Kernal and Super Kernel Sella.


As far as pricing goes, Guard Rice is available at various rates depending on what quality of rice one is choosing. Generally, the prices are competitive and the multiple options allow for people with different budgets afford their rice.

The packaging varies, one can find smaller 1kg packets to larger ones that can be up to 5 or 10kgs.

Price List

Model Price
Guard Supreme Basmati Rice, Extra Long Grain, 1 KG Rs. 320
Guard Brown Basmati Rice, 1.5 KG Rs. 420
Guard Ultimate Basmati Rice, Nature's Longest, 1 … Rs. 399
Guard Tibar Basmati Rice 5kg Rs. 1,220
Guard Brown Basmati Rice 1.5kg Jar Rs. 399
Guard Supreme Basmati Rice 2kg Rs. 640
Guard Super Kernel Basmati Rice 2kg Rs. 570
Guard Super Kernel Basmati Rice 5kg Rs. 1,420
Guard Supreme Basmati Rice 1kg Rs. 320
Guard Ultimate Basmati Rice 2kg Rs. 798
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