Gsm Module Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gsm Module in Pakistan is Rs.3,000 and estimated average price is Rs.4,666.


A component that gives devices their ability to communicate with cellular towers. A GSM module is often used in computers so they can be tasked to send SMSes and MMSes. The price of a GSM module is relatively low.


GSM Module

A digital component that allows devices to communicate with a cellular network. A GSM module is present in smartphones, which is what gives them their ability to connect. One can buy this component separately to install in other devices.

A GSM module requires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card just like mobile phones to activate communication with a network and also have an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number similar to mobile phones for identification.

GSM modules are used inside computers via the serial port so they can establish communication with a cellular network. They are mainly used for mass SMS and MMS services. They can also be used to make calls but that usage is rarer as more people use SMS marketing.

There are specific softwares for users that allow them to use the GSM module once it is connected. It also allows one to set parameters regarding the baud rate, handshaking mode, parity bit and stop bit. Since these settings can be technical and complex one can find information online to simplify this task.


GSM modules are relatively inexpensive components. They are made by various brands. The prices vary based on their technical specification and the brand. A dual-band GSM module may cost more than a single-band for instance.

Price List

Model Price
Sim900a GSM Module Rs. 3,000
SIM808 GSM GPRS GPS Module With Antenna Rs. 5,500
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