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The Lowest price of Gree in Pakistan is Rs.21,999 and estimated average price is Rs.99,976.


Gree Pakistan is a leading home and lifestyle electronics brand that specialises in air conditioners and refrigerator technology. They have successfully launched thousands of models into the national and international market with environmentally friendly engineering and low power consumption performance for their cooling and heating machines. They also have air purifiers, heaters and water dispensers for home and office usage.


Air Conditioner Series

The cooling solutions by Gree Pakistan have a variety of air conditioners that include standing AC and wall-mounted split AC models that are mid-range and affordable making it easy for users to benefit from local manufacturing and maintenance services. Their air conditioners have self-cleaning technology that makes the device long-lasting, durable and dependable throughout the year. The cleaning system uses an internal evaporator that can filter the air being circulated through four modes of cleaning that include Condensation, Frosting Sterilization, Defrosting and Dry making the airflow healthy and pure. The various air conditioner series by Gree have unique designs that will blend into your home decor and interiors as stylish additions available in a wide range of colours. The Fairy Econo Inverter AC series has frosted texture, white matte finish and metallic colours such as silver and gold that are highly popular.

Refrigerator Series

The Gree Pakistan offers many sizes in refrigerators which are part of the Everest Series that has features such as an anti-bacterial gasket that is an environmentally safer option as compared to conventional models. The Honey Comb Crisper is a key feature that creates a low humidity environment in the refrigerator. With a low power consumption and 5-way evaporator, the refrigerators by Gree are efficient and effective throughout the year.

Price List

Model Price
Gree GEH22-2200G Oil Radiator Heater 13 Fins 2200W Black Rs. 21,999
Gree Inverter AC 1 Ton 12FITH6G Rs. 104,500
Gree Inverter AC 1 Ton GS-12FITH6S Rs. 104,500
Gree GS-12FITH1C Fairy Inverter AC 1 Ton Rs. 109,500
Gree Refrigerator GR-E9978G-CW1 18 Cubic Feet Rs. 90,400
Gree Refrigerator GR-E8890G-CR3 Digital Panel 16 Cubic Feet Rs. 88,900
Gree Inverter AC 1.5 Ton 18FITH7G Rs. 135,000
Gree Refrigerator GR-E8890G-CB3 Digital Panel 16 Cubic Feet Rs. 88,900
Gree Refrigerator GR-E9978G-CB1 18 Cubic Feet Rs. 90,400
Gree Refrigerator GR-D7680G-CR2 14 Cubic Feet Rs. 70,400
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